Coach made the Local News

  1. Last night while getting ready for bed I was watching the 10 o'clock news. The female reporter began talking about the upcoming story. "Women Fights Back", purse theif thought she could get away, but little did she know this woman was not giving up her purse." This caught my attention and I looked up to see a a woman walking on a sidewalk with her "CARLY, signature khaki/blk on her shoulder. Apparently she was at a work related function in a Dallas Eatery when a woman walked by and grabbed her Carly. She jumped up and ran after the women, playing tug of war in the parking lot. "I wasn't about to give up my purse," she went on to say, "she threatened to cut me if I didn't let go, but it was like I didn't hear her." "I wasn't giving up my Coach bag."

    The attempted purse snatcher got away, but she didn't get the "Coach".

  2. I always say that I'd fight back, too, but I don't know what I'd do unless I was in the situation. I think it might depend on who was trying to steal my bag. If it was another woman or a kid I think I'd fight and scream like bloody hell but if it was a big guy I'd probably be more apt to give it up. I'm more worried about what's in my purse than the purse itself. I don't want anyone stealing my wallet or Treo because ID theft scares the hell out of me.

    The bottom line is that purses and things are replaceable, people are not. The best thing to do - regardless of who was trying to grab it - would probably be to just give them what they want but it sure would piss me off.
  3. I would have held on to my bag as well but I would have been screaming and yelling to get attention too. If it was in a public place I don't think she was in serious risk of being hurt. Good for her for saving her Carly! I would say tho if it was a man who took it and they were alone in a garage or something, I would hope she'd let him have the bag. =P
  4. wow, I am just glad she didnt get hurt! I guess when that adrenaline starts flowing theres no stopping us! I probably would do the same thing.

    Not for the bag, but for whats INSIDE the bag! They can have the bag, I just want my wallet and checkbook!

  5. yeah me too, I would be too scared to ask for my wallet tho. I hope this never happens to me :roflmfao:
  6. atleast she has her priorities straight!!! :roflmfao:
  7. I am glad that that nobody got hurt. I have to say that I would probably have done the same thing. I really am very protective of my bags.
  8. This makes me laugh. I can just see this crazed woman. You're not getting my Coach! We're all sweet and demure, until someone tries to mess with our handbags!
  9. LOL - exactly:p
  10. I saw this EXACT newscast! (I live in the DFW area...) I actually saw a commercial for the evening news to come..(I was watching E.R.). I immediately noticed the beautiful Carly!!:tup:
  11. Well Howdy Neighbor:welcome:

    The women did go on to say she was truly concerned for the contents of the bag as much as the bag. She mentioned credit cards, id's, cell phone and cash. Stating "My whole world is my bag."

    I was surprised the story didn't mention anyone coming to her aide, she was at a work function.
  12. i would hit the person with it...since my bag weighs so much...but who knows if that would work....
  13. Wow....
  14. My life is more important then a purse.
  15. This is hilarious. I am so glad that she didn't get injured.