Coach "Made In" ?

  1. This may sound silly, but where are Coach bags made in? Are there any of these "Made In" tags in their bags? Thanks :smile:
  2. They are made in China and you can see that on either the leather creed inside the bag or on a little fabric tag sewn into smaller bags and accessories.
  3. thank you candace! Also, in larger totes, even if it says on the leather creed, will it have a little tag saying the "Made in" too?
  4. I own one made in Turkey.
  5. I was talking to an SA at coach and he said that the fabric/material is all from USA and Italy but the assembly is in China...
  6. I have one made in Italy.. but yes.. most are in China and it says it on the creed and on a little fabric piece sewn in the lining
  7. I have a Coach wallet that I got at the outlet that has a made in India tag...I checked, thinking it was a fake return, but they all had them.
  8. I have a suede top handle pouch from the outlet that's also made in India. They all said that.
  9. :yes: That's definitely believable!! I highly doubt the beautiful Leathers came from China (maybe the Fabric but definitely not the Leather!) so it would make sense that the materials came from USA/Italy while assembled in China. There are other designer brand bags that are assembled in China but they seem to leave that out of their claims - I think only Coach is being honest with their declaration.
  10. To my knowlege the only ones currently made in Italy are the exotics, though the discontinued Madison line was also made there.
  11. did you snag one of these off eBay a week or so ago there was a seller with 4 of them
  12. They should be made in Cambodia!

    If anyone's interested, Cambodia is really cool in terms of fair labor (40 vacation days, maternity leave, 8 hr workdays, etc.). I think it's really neat. Makes me like the Gap even more.

    /fair labor rant/
  13. I missed all but the last... but then she raised her price when I inquired about an actual photo of the key fob. I want it, but I have my limits on what I'll pay for a key fob, KWIM? Thanks for asking though!
  14. Hail Coach for their honesty about China.
  15. My brother help me buy from Pavillion KL Coach Store. MADISON DOTTED OP ART ACCORDION ZIP style 44365 colour pink/khaki, made from China but it did not have box,why?