coach made in india?

  1. Hi Stephanie. I bought a bag direct from the Coach store 4 days ago and when I got home I noticed the creed said made in India - I have never seen that before. SO - since I bought it in the actual store, it is definitely real ... so they obviously have some creeds that say made in India, although like I said, I've never seen that before - and I have over a dozen Coach bags. Hope that helps.
  2. To me it looks like the "A" in the Coach on the front of the bag is offset from the rest of the letters.
  3. Sterling silver jewlery is made in Thailand
    Mens SLG is made in Inda
    Wallet and Handbags are made in China
    some apparrel is made in Philippines
  4. Coach also makes some bags and accessories in Vietnam, including a pebbled leather Duffle that I bought at the outlet a few months ago.

    The only countries of origin that should raise automatic red flags are Korea and any Signature C bag that says it was made in the U.S.
  5. i have one coach swingpack made in india..i dont know authentic or fake ..pls help me:confused1::confused1:
  6. I have various coach bags, matching wristlets, wallets, etc. Most have made in China, however I also have items made in Vietnam, India, The Philippines, and Thailand. They are all authentic coach:smile:
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    ahhh yes, i see it! its a nice looking bag at first glance. but if you look closely at the COACH insignia the A and the C don't line up right!!

    i'm sorry. -- i'm excited i learned enough through reading in here and other sites that i see the flaws!! never thought i would be able to spot a good fake! :biggrin: (well its a good fake to me, not sure what the experts think, lol)