Coach made a 65th Anniversary Ali???

  1. Yeah, they were only sold in Flagship stores and are limited editions. That actually is the slim flap. they also made the old legacy tote and the hippie in the patchwork print. I got my mom the slim flap from Forum II in Las Vegas. It's 8 out of 1000 i think.
  2. It looks sort of strange to me but I like it in a weird way...:weird:
  3. I saw this on eBay earlier today and was wondering the same thing but it looked too real to not be.
    Limited Editions are always special and I really like the cute little legacy scarf and the leather with the sig.
  4. I'd seen this when it came out and couldn't decide if I liked it or not. I think I would if the bottom were the same color leather...LOVE the whipstitch detail...they should do that more often!
  5. Yes, I have seen it before.. not my cup of tea
  6. I LOVE this line! It is called Legacy Signature Patchwork. :drool:

    I own the Tote and the Framed French Purse Wallet. :girlsigh:

    There were 1000 made each of the following: Shoulder Bag, Slim Flap, Hippie, Tote and Framed French Purse.