Coach @ Macy's Question

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  1. Hi Everyone...I am new to this site and I can see I am already in trouble. I came here wanting one bag and now there are several that I HAVE to have. lol

    Here is my question......I know that you can buy Coach bags at Macy's either online or at the store, right?....are the styles sold at Macy's the same as the ones you can buy at the Coach store or at
  2. they are the same bags, but there are some that are exclusive to either macys or coach boutiques.

    welcome to TPF! Hope that helped!
  3. Welcome to TPF! We will gladly enable you as you start your Coach wishlist! Yes-Macy's Coach bags are the same as from Coach retail stores.
  4. Thanks, that is helpful. So, if I see it at then they will probably have it at Macy's also?

    Thanks again.
  5. most likely, but like I said, some Coach bags are exclusive to Macys/Dillards/Nordstrom/etc and they do not sell them through Coach directly

    the patchwork Carly is a good example
  6. Ahhh...ok, thanks a lot!