Coach & Macy's F&F, they told me coach is...

  1. included in the sale. I know there was some discrepancy in a previous thread. I signed up for macys list, but will I get the friends & family discount mailed to me? If not, what's the easiest way to obtain one?
  2. I also asked at Macy's Coach counter earlier this week, and she told me Coach was included in the sale. She said that the F & F sale is the only time Coach is discounted with a coupon at Macy's.
  3. actually, i don't think there was much discrepancy for f&f. it was another sale that was unclear for some people.
  4. does anyone have the online coupon code for this yet?
  5. Great thread!!
  6. My Macy's SA called me today and left me a message saying that I could come in for presale starting today. :yes: I've got $150 in Macy's merchandise credit that's been burning a hole in my pocket, too!
  7. I stopped by my Macy's today and the SA gave me a F&F coupon and also advised me to sign up for a charge card that day to use that part of the discount too, lol.

    I'm bummed though because I don't know if I will have any money to spend when F&F arrives, it's looking that way :sad:, just so many things have come up lately.

    Also, after stopping by today, I've come to the conclusion that my Macy's NEVER puts any type of discount on Coach (other than F&F) because everything was full price and they had some OLD pieces there.
  8. Is it online also?
  9. What was the discount for the F&F and when is it exactly?
    I think I'm going to go and check out their inventory tomorrow. I have $200 in tax returns burning a hole in MY pocket. :smile:
  10. you could always use it on coach...there shouldn't of been any dispute...

  11. The discount is 20%, and I think the date varies for different parts of the country.
  12. The Coach SA at my store said just to ask for it. She gives it to everyone!! I'm going to call and hold a chocolate Carly then pick it up when I get back from Atlanta.
  13. Florida F&F starts on May 2nd.
  14. May 2nd till when?
  15. I think it runs until the 7th. The start date in Michigan is the 2nd, as well. My presale has already started so you may want to check on that! :yes: