Coach luxury brand sues Swap Shop over "fake" merchandise

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  1. Agreed, I have always though Coach needed to do more to protect their reputation and to protect our eyes from some of those hideous fakes out there lol
  2. At the end of the article (page 2), it suggests that the public help manufacturers by reporting counterfeiters on the manufacturers' web sites.
  3. I found an especially obvious website yesterday that offered cheap fake Coach handbags. Today it is gone. So Coach is being vigilant. Some manufacturers hire people to review ebay listings and remove the counterfeits but I don't think that Coach does that. They rely on us to report them.
    I have never seen counterfeit bags for sale at the flea markets in my town. I have seen the police raid a local store and shut it down for selling counterfeits. I think the police did this without any prodding from the manufacturer. It sounds from this article that Coach had to sue because the local police didn't do their job.
  4. Dying of laughter because the ad that played before the video was for a different flea market... where you can prolly find MORE Foach crap! :lolots::lolots::lolots:
  5. Very interesting article. It is unfortunate that there are so many knocked off product out there, not just Coach but every logo seems to have an imitation. Good for these companies for taking a stand to protect their brands.

    I see the most Louis Vuitton and Chanel fakes in my area. Its horrible!!!!! and they're hideously ugly and revolting to look at!!