Coach you have any other brands that you love as much?


Sofa King Delicious
May 26, 2006
I have been reading some of the other forums and I was very curious to find out what other handbags you may own. Coach will always be my favorite but I do have some Dooney which I am guessing is taboo in this forum. I have gone to Neiman Marcus almost monthly to purchase a Gucci handbag but I really can't afford them. I have even considered opening a credit card account there but it would take me years to pay off the handbag. I also like the new denim Louis Vuitton but the one that I like is $1300 and that is the same as my mortgage. I really enjoy reading the Gucci and Louis Vuitton forums because even though I cannot afford one I can live through everyone elses shopping sprees.


cruisin’ thru life :)
Mar 4, 2006
i started with coach bags so i do have a lot of them and it comprises most of my bags.. i especially fell in love with the coach studded soho collection in vachetta leather (i have the satchel, medium hobo, wristlet and wallet!) but now i hold out to my cash and buy one designer bag instead of 2 coach's! other bags include gucci, lv, prada, fendi, and one dooney that i kept for memories. :smile:

here's my collection :smile: if you have time pls leave a comment on the page saying that you love my entry (heehee i entered them in a contest against, like, collections filled with hermes etc hahaha)


T&co state of mind..
Nov 11, 2005
but im not really big on coach purses, just their accessories, so im giving the two i have away. didnt spend any money on them, so its not like itll be a wrench to part with them. specially cause i never used them lol.


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Feb 5, 2006


Apr 25, 2006
Coach is my love and addiction :heart: but I also have Tignanello, Kenneth Cole, The Sak, Danier, Tommy Hilfiger, LeSportsac, and Banana Republic bags. I've really got to get my act together and post a picture of my collection over in the Bag Showcase sometime. It's nothing exciting and none of it is expensive LV, Balenciaga or whatever, but I love most of it.


Sofa King Delicious
May 26, 2006
I have learned a lot since I joined this purse forum and it is good to meet people that feel the same way that I feel about handbags. The people in my office think that I am crazy. I have been carrying Coach for the past 21 years. I started as a sophmore in high school and I have been hooked ever since. I also had a couple of Gucci bags in high school and college but that was when you could purse one for less than $200, and I even remember when Macy's carried them. I also remember meeting a complete stranger in the airport and we both had Gucci bags and we liked each others bags so we traded. I thought that my Dad was going to kill me. I of course could not get my bag back because I did not even know her name and we were not taking the same flight. That was also be there were a lot of fakes.
Nov 1, 2005
I started with Coach and I have a large assortment including luggage. Then about two years ago I got into LV and stopped buying COACH so I missed out on a lot of bags that I really like now.

I have all Coach and LV with a couple of Chanels that were my mom's, but I never use those. I also have a Gucci tote.

I'm ready to expand my collection into more Gucci and Marc Jacobs.

Jan 3, 2006
2 Balenciaga, 3 Louis Vuitton, 3 Coach, 1 Marc Jacobs, 1 Francesco Biasa, and a few non-designers. I do have a Chanel coming (purchased it off Ebay) this week and I am so excited to see it!

I love ALL bags!!!!