Coach Looks Good On . . . EVERYTHING

  1. I got my Isabella Fiore Whipflash Audra today and was posting pics of her in the "Handbags and Purses" section and when I double checked my pics I thought, "Hahaha.... none of my non-Coach bags go anywhere without something Coach attached to them!!"

    Example attached....doesn't that bag look so awesome w/ my ocelot scarf peeking out at the top???? hahahahhaha
  2. That is so true! I love the ocelot scarf it is so cute~
  3. ^^OMG yer dog is so cute!
  4. That looks perfect on that bag!:yes:
  5. BTW, I love the Audra, that is the cutest bag. The scarf is perfect on her.
  6. That scarf matches perfectly on your bag!
  7. looks good!
    I have some of my coach charms on my lv bags :biggrin:
  8. I Agree!! the scarf goes beautifully with your purse:tup:
  9. Love it!
  10. Gorgeous the scarfs matches perfectly!^-^
  11. Looks amazing!!!!
  12. I love that scarf...
  13. Very cute!! I put Coach charms and scarves on my non-Coach bags too......the dice charm is on my LV damier speedy now.
  14. OMG Bag Fetish.... those charms are PERFECT on your gorgeous LV bags!!! :tup: