Coach looking like gucci?

  1. is it just me or do the new coach hamptons hobos look a lot like the Gucci styles? why are they doing this? i dont know wat it is but lately im totally not into coach :sad:
  2. Are you referring to Coach's new embossed collection? If so, I love the collection! Yes, it reminds me of Gucci in that it's embossed. I just can't bring myself to spend over $1,000 on a Gucci when I can get two, three, or more Coach bags for that price. I've been evaluating a lot of bags since joining this forum. I was all set to buy an LV, but changed my mind, due in part because I saw some photos of the new Coach embossed bags set to debut this fall.
  3. :yes: Darn it, i was just about to post something about this, but i realized you already got there first! I definately saw the resembelance in the shape, hook, and the detail behind the hook. i know coach is known for having the hooks, but still
  4. Coach has been making this style of Hamptons hobo for a few years. I wouldn't be surprised if they were borrowing a bit from Gucci, but I'm not sure whose design came first.
  5. I like the design & it's also much more affordable then Gucci.
  6. I just said the same thing about the new line.
    Part of me is like whatever, all of fashion is deviations on the same theme, so if they want to borrow the style, what's wrong with that? Yeah, I'm reminding of Gucci, but it's still Coach.
    But at the same time, when does borrowing become harmful to the designer? There are people like me that were set to buy Gucci but might end up with the Coach because it is more affordable. It's obviously not as bad as a fake but it still impacts the designer. To me, that has the same impact to Gucci as if I went and bought a fake.
    If we're buying bags because we find them to be beautiful works of art shouldn't we respect the creativity that went into the product and if we like that style, buy it? I obviously don't have answer, what do the rest of you think?
  7. I said the same thing but honestly, if youre going to lose interest in COACH because of something like that you might as well start losing interest in several more designer brands because a lot of popular designer brands copy from one another, its not just COACH.
  8. i was just making an observation about coach as i havent noticed them kind of copying designers before and im not saying im losing interest in coach because of this..sry if it came out that way...but in my opinon their lines lately have not that been that awsome..and i used to love love love coach...but its just my opinon
  9. Yeah, I had a hobo from a few years ago (2? 3? :shrugs:) in this style.
  10. Thats what I was thinking....I know my green suede demi and carryall also had a matching hobo that looked like the new ones....I think it was 2 years ago....
  11. This is the "Jackie O" bag from Gucci and it has been around at least since the 1960s...

    FYI, Hermes has a version of this bag that is similar too. Looks like its a popular design!

  12. The Hermes Trim was the original which was copied by Gucci. :yes:
  13. Gotta love that Trim.

    Anyway, as for the Coach bag, I don't think it looks all that much like the Gucci. I don't particularly like that Coach bag though. I think it looks cluttered.
  14. I didnt know that was the name, you learn something new everyday! Thanks for the info Ryan!
  15. I was just browsing the website and thought the samething as well. They do look like Gucci's Jackie o style.