Coach Lookbook on

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  1. I like that.
  2. I love the blue series. Nice!

  3. Yeah, this is really, really nice! They did a great job!! Makes me want to buy everything!!
  4. I had this in an email I received today
  5. Thanks for the info. Late last year I called Coach (We are not close to the outlets or the FP stores) I asked if they would mail me the Christmas catalogue. The lady I spoke to said they don't mail them out anymore. I thought wow, that's kind of stinky for those of us who don't live in a large city. I spend quite a bit on Coach all year long. If you look at the bottom of the care cards it still says for a catalogue call 1-800, etc.
  6. How cool is that? Makes me want everything too
  7. Thanks for sharing that...although it makes want more than I should!
  8. Love being able to just scroll thru the pages online... Thanks for sharing!