Coach Lipstick

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  1. Has anyone here purchased and used the new Coach lipstick? I bought a tube with my 30% settlement and love it!! It's so creamy and the color (cinnamon) is such a great shade. Oh, and the tube is all Legacy stripes--so pretty and elegant looking. Just wondering if anybody else has tried it and what your thoughts are. I have such a hard time falling in love with a lipstick, because so many are too drying or the color doesn't stay very long.
  2. I plan on getting the grapefruit at some point, hopefully with PCE.
  3. I havent bought the lipstick yet since i always wear lipgloss, If you find it to dry, try using a coat of clear lipgloss on top. I have bought the coach lip gloss trio set, LOVE THEM
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    Last edited: Feb 2, 2009
    Good to know, I have been wanting a lipstick but didnt know if it was worth it.
    Is it on the coach website? thanks for the info!

    I just found them online. I think I might order a lipgloss. They look yummy!!
  5. The Coach lip gloss is great too (hubby got me some for Christmas). I don't find it to be too sticky.
  6. i have two tubes of the lipstick, i think it's from when they first came out with it. i found it at the lancome outlet in carlsbad, ca for $3 (that's right, three dollars) several months ago. i enjoy it, it's not too drying or chalky or anything.
  7. Does the lipstick have a scent to it (I have a hard time with lipsticks that have a scent much like Loreal's & Revlon does). How true to color is it to the color they show it online? I really want to get some.
  8. Sassypursefreak--I haven't notice a scent, but will double check. I'm not sure about the other colors, but the real life cinnamon was very true to the web site cinnamon.

    Coachislove--holy cow! $3.00 for a tube of lipstick? Wish I could have been there for that!
  9. uhhh yeah! me too!
  10. Coach's beauty products, including fragrance, are made by Estee Lauder. Very high quality.