Coach Lipstick/Shimmer Powder Question

  1. I saw some lipstick/shimmer powder but have never seen them irl. Can I please ask for some opinions on them? Are they good quality? I just think they are cute and would make great Xmas presents! Also, are they sold in the boutiques? or in Sephora? Thank you!
  2. I ordered the lipstick in rose. I do like how it feels, however, I don't
    use it as much as I had hoped. I fell in love with the 12 hour lipsticks and have only used my coach lipstick a few times.

    I got mine from
  3. Based on the pics on alone I thought the Peony would be the best shade for me but when I went to order it the SA told me it's really bright red... she brought out her own in Rose so I ordered it & got it yesterday. I really like it! Good quality and more sheer than I'd thought (which I like!).
  4. The Rose is good quality and i love it!As for the Shimmer Powder i got it because i thought it was cute since it's a mirror and a powder but i never used it because i don't want to ruin it,though it has a lot of sparkle.
  5. Estee Lauder Corporation makes all the Coach makeup products for them (including the fragrance) so the quality is probably right up there!
  6. They are sold only on or at the Coach boutiques. Sorry, not at sephora!
  7. I hear the lipstick is VERY moisturizing, and that the power makes a great highlighter/shimmer effect.
  8. Sort of OT, but I am sooo bummed b/c I read an ingredient list somewhere, and I saw that the lipstick has nut oil in it...and I have a bad nut allergy, so I can't use the lipstick. :crybaby:

    Weird problem to have, huh?

    When this happens, I always feel like writing to the company and asking them to consider us nut-allergic people when they formulate their products, but they'd probably laugh at me! :lol:
  9. ^^Yes believe it contains sweet almond oil.

    My niece is highly allergic so I feel for you! I didn't even consider it until I saw your post & remembered that she can't even touch anything that's been in contact w/ nuts.. she brushed a cookie against her lips one time (didn't even take a bite) and had to use her Epi (sp?) pen & be rushed to the hospital!
  10. I have rose also and its a really nice color. I don't use it as much as I'd like because I prefer gloss.
  11. I just ordered the powder the other day, mainly because I like the mirror. I hope it isnt toooo sparkly but ill get back to you all with details when it arrives.