Coach Lipstick Holder?

  1. I was wondering if Coach made any lipstick holders. I am bidding on one on eBay but was curious if they had any available on there website occasionally.
  2. The only place I have seen lipstick holders is on eBay. I have never seen them listed on the website though...Hope you win it!
  3. i think i've seen them at the outlet before...sometimes on those little tables you can find the neatest stuff!
  4. Yup, I've definitely seen them at the outlets in camel/tan, black, and red leather.
  5. I have a python one :smile:

    They do exist, they are just hard to come across...they don't make lipstick holders that frequently. eBay is probably your best bet!
  6. I hope you win it! I can't wait to see the pictures
  7. That looks authentic. Keep in mind most things like this don't get faked cause they aren't really known items that will make counterfeiters a lot of money.