Coach Lipstick for Spring

  1. Does anyone know if Coach is updating their lipstick colors for spring? Or are the 3 colors that they have now going to be it? I should've asked to day while I was in the store hoping to see new shoes :smile:(although they had a couple of great new spring sandals at Nordies), but I thought someone here might know?
  2. I heard that Coach would be making lipglosses soon. Hope this is true.
  3. That would be awesome! I would totally get the gloss.
  4. I'm in trouble if they come out with gloss! I'm addicted to lip gloss.
  5. I'm still waiting on a shade for darker complexions :idea:- regardless if its gloss or lipstick.
  6. Gloss would be fun! The colors that are out right now are nice, but they are a little dark for me. Something a little lighter or sheer would suit my complexion more so gloss would work. Maybe thats what they are doing for spring, as opposed to different lipstick shades?