Coach Lip Gloss

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  1. I am a little confused about what color is what on the site... what color is the first 2nd and 3rd one in the picture below thanks.. is it

    1.) Gardenia
    2.) Hibiscus
    3.) Heather

  2. The one is the middle is Hibiscus, the one to the left it Gardenia and Heather is on the right. I just ordered the hibuscus one but it was just shipped out today. Hope this helped!!!

  3. thanks now I know what is what lol

  4. You are welcome :smile: Which color are you going to get? I like the Hibiscus and Heather but have not seen any IRL... LOL
  5. I already have the Heather and I just ordered the Hibiscus today. It shipped already! :yahoo: