Coach Lip Gloss!

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  1. Last night for the first time ever I wore the new coach Lip Gloss. I love it already. Before I even put it on I was so excited, the gloss container is so cute. My husband thinks I am crazy for wanting the gloss for the container. Oh well, he loves football....I love COACH! Thought that I would share my first experience with Coach lip gloss!:woohoo:
  2. Oh, wow, lucky girl :yes:

    I'm in Australia so can only dream :upsidedown: no Coach stores here...
  3. Nice!!! what color did you get? :smile:
  4. I got it in Heather. I love it.
  5. are you naturally blonde (OK that might be TMI for some people)? You looked fairly pale and a cross between Norwegian and Irish skintones, am I slightly correct?

    I think it would do well on you as it's very neutral and closer to the color of your lips than any of the other colors. I would hesitate before ordering the Hibiscus color until you could try it on, but Heather can do well on just about anybody.
  6. I didn't have a "formal report" I just wanted to share my first experience and excitement thats all.:sad:
  7. ^lol you don't have to have a formal report!!! I just didn't want to make a duplicate thread for the same thing telling people to go check out what I said on the beauty bar. Just thought it would help alleviate some of the questions people could have since I already wrote something, so you wouldn't have to worry about it :biggrin:
  8. No, I think your raining on my happy Coach parade! Hehe! :yes:
  9. No way, it's a supporting document and a testament to why you're excited! :nuts:
  10. LOL:lol: Yep naturally blonde light skin that tans easily. Sounds like this might be the color I try. Im so not a bright colored lipstick on myself kind of girl:push:
  11. Yeha Kimmie, go for it! :biggrin:
  12. Do you know if its in the boutiques yet?
  13. Kimmie, it's only in flagship stores until the end of next month (per info from one of my SA's), but all stores can order it and have it shipped to you if you can't get to a FSC.