Coach Lip Gloss now available!

  1. I didn't know they made makeup. Interesting.
  2. Hibiscus looks pretty, but I feel like I'd rather pay the extra $3 for Chanel. I'm curious to hear how these are though...
  3. I will keep everyone posted, I ordered Heather, which is on the far right in the picture on the website. Very neutral looking compared to the other two. I am a Chanel diehard but eh, I like to try new things too LOL.

    I will post pics of my HOT LIPS when my gloss gets here k? Only flagship stores are getting, them, I guess, so I called my store and they are shipping it to me.
  4. Candace, if this rivals the Glossimers I will definitely place my order soon! I know how much you love lip gloss and I trust your judgment. :amuse:
    I love all of their makeup! The packaging is so freaking cute!
  5. I want the shimmer powder too, if it is similar to Chanel's Poudre Cristalline then I would get it to keep in my purse :amuse:

    An SA at Bridgeport Village (my store) hooked me up with 2 day shipping, she was a total doll, and told me to come back when I get it so I can tell them how it is.

    Priiin, I am just hoping it is close enough to Chanel so I can have a tad bit of variety! I've had bad luck with a pinky neutral (looks good in tube and on other people, looks bad on me) so I'm hoping this will work :sweatdrop:
  6. Candace I am convinced you are the lipgloss queen... :tup: Please tell us how these are!
  7. I got some shimmer powders as stocking stuffers for Christmas and everyone loved them. I don't use compacts usually..I just apply at home and I'm done for the day so I won't be buying the shimmering powder again.

    I like Bridgeport. It's nice and new. :amuse: Have you tried gelato there?

  8. Aww that was sweet!!! :love:

    I will definitely update this thread with a review when I get it :nuts:
  9. MMM GELATO!! YES!!! :tup:

    Bridgeport is gorgeous, I enjoy my time there when I go, and my favorite SA's work at the Coach there :amuse:
  10. It's my favorite place to shop in Oregon, next is probably Pioneer. Have you been to Tanasbourne Center? It's pretty small, not many stores but it is pretty nice too. It's all outdoors with maybe 40 stores? Maybe even less!
  11. ^Yeah! I love Tanasbourne too :tup: It's a lot of fun. Jason's cousin actually works at the Hollister there :amuse:

    I love Pioneer Place too! Washington Square is a nice mall but they don't have everything.
  12. Washington Square is BIG but yeah, doesn't have as much as Pioneer does. There is so much Coach at Washington
  13. LOL YA...I know....I don't like the Coach stores in malls because they are always super busy...that's why I like Bridgeport. Much quieter and easier to just chill with the SA's :amuse:
  14. ^ :yes: Washington Square is always crowded. Pioneer and Bridgeport is better.

    I have a good feeling about this lip gloss!!