Coach lindsay or peyton!!! need some help!

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  1. Im in love with both bags and can pick between one for valentines day!:nuts::yahoo:

    but im having a lot of trouble picking!! lol

    if you had to pick..which would you pick and why?

    also if you own either and input would be great! thanks
  2. #2 Feb 8, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2010
    I have both and honestly I think the lindsay is more practical for everyday just because it is not as wide as the Peyton. Both are beautiful though. What colors are you considering? Depending on the color in the Peytons they can vary quite a bit in weight. The patent is a little lighter weight. The extra compartments in the Peyton are great if you have to carry a lot or have small kids.
  3. They're both bags with a wow factor, but I prefer Lindsay---just like the design better.
  4. im debating between a few colors on both lol i thought id pick a bag first then get to the color haha

  5. My thoughts exactly! Both are beautiful bags...but I would pick the Lindsay b/c it is more practical for everyday and not as wide. But that is just me.
  6. i had both- returned the lindsay- kept the peyton... lindsay was heavier (IMO) and i like how peyton wore as a shoulder bag :smile:
  7. which color do you own in the lindsay?
  8. i was thinking the peyton would be a better shoulder bag...
  9. i had an expresso lindsay and i have a patent white peyton
  10. I have teal and mineral---love them both!
  11. I have had Lindsay in teal and espresso and sold them both. I have 5 Peyton bags and IMO, they are better. They hold more and can be worn over the shoulder.
  12. I have the Peyton in the metallic green and fuschia. I can't wear it on my shoulder it slips off. I am not too fluffy but have a large chest (38DD) so maybe that affects it. I have the Lindsay in black. I actually wear the colored bags more just because I really like bright colors. But the black patent Peyton would be a great compromise- Tres Chic!- and a little bit lighter in weight. Plus the patent is a great all weather bag if you are in the rain or snow.
  13. I can wear my Lindsay on my shoulder but it's bulky. I got used to it. I just push it back a little and then it's fine. I love my petrol Lindsay! I had the fuchsia Peyton & returned it. It's a good bag, too but for me I'd rather have my Lindsay.
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    mhm they are both on my wishlist [in several colors, lol!], so it's a toughie. :thinking: personally, if i had to choose between the two, i'd go with lindsay. :yes:

    do you prefer should or arm bags?

    shoulder - peyton
    arm - lindsay
  15. well i like both honestly lol i like shoulder bags because im able to do more..but i still tend to carry them on my arm half the time....

    thanks to everyone for their input's