Coach limited edition...was this part of it?

  1. That bag is from a few years ago. When I first started selling, they were in the Outlets. Nice bags, just not my style...
  2. sorry I couldn't help you, but the red one is gorgeous!
  3. caindi is a reputable seller,

    I love those bags, they are beautiful! Seller has has some great pieces
  4. I was actually contemplating the red one last week. Too bad I can't afford it. Very nice bags!
  5. Beautiful red! Wow!
  6. oh, i saw those, but not in those colors..... the colors i saw where more earth toned. interesting, but i didn't like them so i didn't pay much attention to them.
  7. I love the embossed leather - I wish they did more of that.

    These bags are such a classic style.
  8. I've seen those come up before and love them. The red is particularly stunning.