Coach Letter Charms


The Bargain Hunter
Dec 12, 2005
Can anyone tell me when they started making the letter clip on charms? I know that they have done it last year (K was in green) and this year (K is in pink) but I kinda wanted to know how many more years/seasons before that they made (like how many batches I guess?). Thanks!
i'm pretty sure last year was the first year...i remember being mad because the K was green and i don't like green. i ended up getting the star charm instead...i love charms, and anything with 'K' i'm always on it.
Thanks girls! Whew! I didn't miss any then! I like the pink better but I wanted to know first if they were made before these 2 rounds and what color they could be in. :yes:
I just ordered two! unfortunetly the R and T are in pink..not one of my favorites, I wish I could trade you K girls for the green! was teh first with metallic leather?
I haven't liked any of the K's either...or the M's. I just got the Taurus today and I have the pig, last year's star, and the moon.

I got my friend her first Coach item this year and it was the Q, she LOVED it.