Coach let down!

  1. I'm been real busy with school and work and taking care of my mom, shes been sick. So I didn't have any time to go shopping on the last PCE. So I called my SA and did a phone order. I had my items shipped to the store since I'm never home and they require a signature. So a week went by and I didn't get a call, so I called the store. And they said that it still had not arrived and to call back in a few days, I called back my SA on friday and she told me it would be in on monday. I told her I would try to go on my day off. Finally today I had time to get my stuff. When I get there I ask for my SA she was not there, so I told another sa that I was there to pick up my items. She comes back empty handed and says theres nothing in the back and that who had called me? I told her that I never got a call but that it was during the PCE and my items she be there. Another sa becomes involved in the transaction and they are looking me up on the computer. Nothing was showing up. By this time I was :cursing:. I told her I have my bank statement showing that you charged me. She goes oh well at least we know the order went through. They start messing around with the computer inputting my info. And she goes Oh! I found it. This item was shipped on sept. 26 from JAX to your home address and someone signed for it. I go that is impossible no one is ever home. She gets on the phone and tells me that it arrived to my house on Oct 1st and that no signature was required. I told her why was it shipped to my house? I asked for it to be shipped to the store. So now I'm bagless and they are filing a dispute w/ JAX. I have to wait another week to get a refund or reorder another bag. Sorry this is long. I just had to vent. So does anyone know what the process is on this?

  2. So sorry this happened to you! I don't know what the process is but hopefully they will resolve it and you'll get your bag. If it was delivered where could it have gone??? Do you think someone stole it?? Horrible.:sad:I hope everything works out!:flowers:
  3. I live a block away from a H.S. anyone could've seen the package infront of my house and taken it.
  4. That is horrible! I hope everything gets resolved. I would be so ticked if that happened to me. Some people just can't handle the simplest jobs.
  5. That's horrible!! So sorry this happened but I hope you get it worked out soon!! Can you get something from FedEx showing who signed for it?
  6. Wow! I'm really sorry to hear this happened to you. I hope this can resolved quickly and you can get your bag. I wish I had some more advise for you.
  7. Wow, that was terrible...
  8. I'm so sorry this happened and I wouldn't wish this on anyone. I'm so sorry for the stress!
  9. That's what I told her and she said that they did'nt get a signature. That JAX doesn't require a sig.
  10. The signature thing depends on how it was put in by your SA - I know that at times, its required, and other times, it is not. I've had my purchases delivered to the store for this reason also, but they've always been good about getting them and calling me.

    When I'm not here to get items that require a signature, I get a postcard that indicates the item cannot be delivered without a signature, and the "card" cannot be used to sign. I've had to go directly to the FedEx facility to pick things up. If they didn't require a signature for delivery, then it is very possible it was just left at your doorstep (and very possible it walked home with someone else).

    I'd make them send a new item to the store next day air - they can do that. Sorry you're having issues with the store - it makes purchases less exciting when that happens.
  11. I can feel your pain...when my order was due to arrive I was like a nut case, rushing home and trying to stick close to the house, praying that nobody would take it. I had two HUGE boxes with my delivery, lucky I had no problems. I was told that they should come on a Thursday and they showed up on Tuesday. Good Luck, I hope you get it all resolved QUICKLY.
  12. How frustrating and annoying and complicated! I hope you get a replacement fast and without any more hassles! I also hope your mom is OK and doing better.
  13. I just wanted to say I am sorry, that is such a bummer!!! I hope they take care of you and get you your bag on pce price.. and I hope your mom is doing better. :yes:
  14. I had to file a dispute with JAX. It will take up to 7 days. And after that I can get a refund or reorder a new bag.
  15. Thanks for your concerns with my mom field and Mazie. So sweet of you.