Coach Legacy Wristlet

  1. I ordered the purple Legacy Wristlet for my mom today. So cute & my mom loves purple. Does anyone have one & can tell me if the flap part is hard & have to hold open with your hand? Some flaps are like a C shaped plastic that you have to hold with your hand to get stuff out while some just flip over easily. Thanks to anyone that can answer :smile:
  2. I have it in Khaki/black, and it's flexible. Great wristlet!!
  3. it's flexible, it doesn't flop over completely to the other side or anything, but depending on the angle the wristlet is at it will stay open pretty much on its own, sometimes I kind of stick a finger or two upwards on the hand I'm holding it with and hold it open like that- if that makes any sense. I've never had a problem with it.

    I really love the legacy wristlet! I have the white one from '06 but have been eying the green and purple ones this year.
  4. Thanks! That makes me feel better about my purchase now. I normally don't like lighter greens but the green color is my 2nd choice :smile:
  5. It's VERY cute! I had the whiskey and I have a khaki/black one coming in the mail today! Great to use as a wallet!
  6. Congrats, it's so pretty. Love the turnlock.