Coach Legacy Striped Flats?

  1. Just wondering if these are still available anywhere? THANKS. =)
  2. i saw these at my coach boutique on sale for $109 i believe.. can't remember.
  3. My Macy's has them for 30% off right now.
  4. i got them at my store 2 months ago they still have them...
  5. I know my store has them because I just sold a pair the other day. We didn't have many left though.
  6. I've seen them at Macys and I think at TJ Maxx. Coach might still have some, you would have to call around. Good luck, they are very cute shoes!
  7. I just got them this evening at my Macy's for $55 dollars with the 20% discount. I was delighted to say the least!

  8. I also saw them at DSW recently. :yes:
  9. Lucky! My DSW never has coach!
  10. My Macy's is doing the same thing but they did not have my size anymore.
  11. Saw them on sale for $99 at my Coach store.
  12. I'm SO jealous. I saw these at Lord & Taylor in my size for $100 and they were TDF. I just don't have the money for those right now though, I want to put my money towards that Coach bag I want. I'm a bigger purse addict than shoes...