Coach Legacy Stripe French Wallet 40240!

  1. I PM'd Handbag Ashley (thanks for your tip) about her Coach Legacy Stripe French Wallet 40240 that she just bought!

    I called the Coach 800# and spoke to CS about getting my hands on it!

    The CS SA said there were a few in HAWAII! :yahoo:

    Well, I live in Maine, so going to the Hawaii store WOULD be nice (and WARM), so I called instead!:yes:

    IT WAS IN STOCK! YEA! It will be here on Thursday!:wtf:

    HAPPY DANCE!:wlae:YEA! I am thrilled!

  2. Congrats! You must be so psyched! Another item crossed off your wishlist.
  3. calling cs now!

    btw, how much is it? and do you think i could find a legacy agenda?
  4. Congrats!!

    (trying my best to resist temptation.....)
  5. It was around $248.00 + tax and shipping.

    I AM SO EXCITED!:yes:
  6. i just got off the phone and they said they won't ship from did you call the hawaii store, or what?
  7. She told me that too, but yes, they WILL ship from Hawaii!
    It is $40.00 though! But its 2 day express!
  8. hmm...i'm trying to be good...i want to be happy with my new leather one, i really do...
  9. UGH! It's SO hard to be good!:p
    I have been looking for this! I can't wait!

    The SA in Hawaii was SO nice! She said it is BRAND NEW (I asked if it was a floor model) and she is gift wrapping it for me!

    I also asked to gift wrap some Hawaii weather and send it to Maine (It's a deep freeze in the North East!)
  10. Glad to hear you found it. Yeh, that was one of the places now that I think back that said they had it. I remember you had to pay more for it. My hubby bought me the white hobo and matching wallet in Waikiki Beach, HI and had to pay an extra 35 on the hobo and 18 on the wallet, because they ship them in and pay more. But, if I was a Hawaiian I wouldn't have to pay that they said. I don't understand that. My hubby and I are saving to move there. We loved it on our honeymoon! :nuts:
  11. Yup, its more for the wallet and shipping, but in my eyes, its worth it!

    Check out this one on eBay! It's STARTING at OVER $400.00!

    Rare NEW COACH Legacy Stripe French Purse Wallet 40240
    100% Authentic & New! SOLD-OUT! FREE Shipping, USA! Item number: 150088886428[​IMG]
  12. Yeh, I was going to call there if Somerset wouldn't have called me back. Post pics once you get it!
  13. I will!
    I am still waiting on my skull and lips charms (should be here tomorrow)!
  14. i wonder...if i called my local coach store and had THEM order it.

    if cs wouldn't do it, would my coach store?
  15. Hmmmm....I don't know?:confused1:
    GOOD idea, though!