Coach Legacy Slim Tote #10640 ???

  1. What do you think of this Legacy SlimTote #10640? I think it's Beautiful! Does anyone have one?

  2. I don't have one but I love the slim tote to death!!! That one you posted is beautiful! I love the wallet with it! My Favorite color in the slim tote is the natural leather:drool:
  3. I dont have it....but I REALLY love it!
  4. I totally LOVE it!
  5. It's an absolutely GORGEOUS bag! yum!
  6. i love it wish i had it but alas :sad: gettingpurseonal has one i think! in all white
  7. OMG It's so beautiful!!!
  8. its very nice! and that wallet looks great with it!
  9. Yes, I have one. Wow, you are good, Katrynar!! It is my all time favorite bag. TejasMama just saw me carrying it the other day. Wish I had one in natural too.
  10. Very pretty!
  11. That is a pretty bag. Dont have one but it is pretty.
  12. The Slim Tote is one of my all time fav bags. I think it has much better Symetry than the newer "gigi" of the same type bag. I would def get it and wish I had one !
  13. Lol Wahhh I Want Urs Gettingpurseonal
  14. OOOOOO purty!
  15. I dont have it but I shure do LOOOOVE it!!!