Coach Legacy Shoulder

  1. I've been stalking eBay lately looking for one in black, but many of the ones I've seen have a turnlock missing. For those of you that own one, have you had problems with the turnlocks breaking, or are the ones on eBay just bad returns?
  2. There was an issue with the first batch of legacy shoulders and the turnlocks. Some ladies here have had a problem with theirs, some have not (I'm in the "have not" category . . . so far). I know someone did have to return their bag for that issue and was told it couldn't be repaired - I don't know if that's still what people are experiencing.

    After the first batch of shoulders, I believe Coach remedied the problem.
  3. My DH just bought me a whiskey legacy shoulder off eBay with a broken turnlock. I sure hope it can be fixed! I think I got a good deal...$279.

  4. gilmourgirl31:

    Where do you live? Macy's Herald Square has them in black, whiskey and natural. Maybe you can order it from them. The telephone number to the store is 212-695-4400. Good luck finding that bag.

  5. i'm pretty sure people that are selling them with broken turnlocks are getting them cheap at the outlets. and many of them are probably final sale, so it's very likely coach will not repair them. just be careful.