Coach Legacy Shoulder Turnlocks

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  1. Hi!

    There is one thing that is concerning me with all of the Legacy Shoulder bags I see on ebay. Many of them have broken turnlocks. I don't know if this subject has been raised before. I bought the Whiskey one months ago and I absolutley love it. I look up ebay listings for it often (I don't know why) and oddly enough, i've seen about 7 listings or so in the last month for that bag, each with one turn lock missing. Now i'm freaked out that it could happen to my bag! Has anyone had any of their turnlocks fall off yet, on ANY bag even? How does this happen? Are ppl just too rough on the bags? I'm so curious as to how this happens. They say in the listings that it doesn't take away from the bag but come on! It's a major flaw in my eyes. Any help would be great.:confused1:
  2. it was on the first round of legacy bags, the prob has been fixed by coach on all the other rounds of production