Coach Legacy shoulder bag

  1. Hello. Do any of you who own the Legacy leather shoulder bag (the one that is $398) with the hardware, think that the bag is a tad too heavy to carry a good amoung of stuff around in? I love the look of the bag, but was wondering if the bag can get uncomfortable at the end of the day. I tried it on empty at the store and held off on it because of the weight. I have seen a few references to its weight here too. What do you think?

    P.S. Do any of you know how long they will be carrying this bag?
  2. I have the Mandy. It does get heavy after a while.
  3. i just bought this bag! I returned my leather hippie bag (the sales associates were so excited apparently there are only 300 of them!) and I had a hard time deciding between the ali and the shoulder bag. I thought it was comy and had a lot of room!
  4. msflutter, did you get the shoulder bag or the Mandy? I tried the shoulder bag, but had a hard time keeping it on my shoulder over a coat. Maybe I should try it again!

    I adore the Mandy, but it is $798, which was a little too spendy for me this season!
  5. i got the shoulder, the mandy was a bit too pricey. I had expected to get the ali, but i really liked the way the shoulder bag sat. The size was perfect for me (i'm short) and here in socal we never wear to heavy of coats....

    definately go try it again! I love it so far. Hoping i dont regret returning the hippie.....
  6. I have it and I don't think it's too heavy, in fact the width of the shoulder strap makes it really comfy on the shoulder. I love it!
  7. The legacy shoulder is really comfortable to carry around IMO. It's the perfect sized bag and has a good weight to it. I say get it!
  8. I also love the weight and strap length of my shoulder bag, though I have it in suede (I don't know if that changes the weight at all compared to the leather). I don't find it too heavy at all and it fits a ton of stuff!
  9. I think the wider straps make the bag feel alot lighter than it looks!!