Coach Legacy Shoulder Bag in Pond or Rose?

  1. Hi Ladies-
    I just purchased the Coach Legacy Shoulder Bag (10328) in Rose, and I am waiting for it to get here.

    I also got my 25% off coupon to Coach today, and am considering this handbag in Pond, what do you all think? Pond or Rose? Which is prettier?

    Please help, my best friend told me the rose is HIDEOUS, I disagree!

    Thanks in advance!

    Also does anyone have a stock photo of the Coach Rose Shoulder Bag? Thanks so much!
  2. I personally prefer the pond, only because it's such an incredibly versatile shade of blue. It has enough gray tones in it that it goes with a lot of different colors. And blue is just more interesting, not as commonly seen in bags as pink, perhaps?
  3. BOTH!!!

    I want both! But I didn't know that the Rose color was still available?
  4. I LOVE both too!

    IS Rose still available? Good question! Ladies??
  5. The ROSE has brown tones. It's not "pink." It looks really good against chocolate brown. It's one of those colors that will look good with a lot of colors but you need to watch the tone or it will dull it out. I'm not afraid of brown in summer, mix it with some soft pink, white. Maybe mossy greens? Although I like Pond I will not buy another shoulder bag too small (for my needs) satchel is weighty:sad: outta luck!)
  6. both shades are gorgeous!
  7. Either outlets or returns to the warehouse. You can call the 800# and ask them to check. Just because the color or purse is not available on line or at store doesn't mean there aren't any. Give them the serial number and then ask what colors are available...
  8. I should have asked last night when I placed an order! Doh!
    I rattled off just about every other style# though!
  9. I got mine (the rose) from a trusted powerseller on eBay, and I paid under retail, so excited, its the only smaller purse I will have now, thanks for all the feedback, still contemplating the pond, but do I need both?
  10. Congrats! The rose is so pretty. The pond is gorgeous too, I see nothing wrong with having both if you really love the bag.
  11. Legacy rose shoulder
  12. Thanks girls, I really need a stock photo of the rose from the coach website and cannot find one (in case I need to sell on eBay to get pond)
  13. When I got mine, it was the last "official" one listed at Jacksonville. I believe it was a return (which they get all the time). Make sure you check it out when you get it.

    Mine has 2 possible ink marks on it.
  14. what do you mean ink marks?
  15. YES! Of course, I have 3 - plum suede, whiskey and pond. I love the pond more than rose, but I think it's just a matter of personal preference.

    What's funny is that even though they're all (obviously) the same bag, they all look very different since they're such different colors!

    Go for it (I'm taking lessons from kallison on enabling)!