Coach Legacy scarf?


Sep 29, 2006
I am really loving this Coach Legacy stripe scarf. I want to use it to tie on a bag. What do you guys think?

Those stripes are GORGEOUS! I have the Legacy Stripe Ponytail Scarf and I have it tied onto my Legacy Signature Shoulder bag. I get lots of compliments... especially from the SAs!

Which bag are you thinking of tying it onto?
Which bag are you thinking of tying it onto?

I am not sure, since I don't have any Coach bags yet. But, since I am thinking of getting the Coach Legacy Leather Satchel, I may tie it onto that one. Also, I was wondering, which scarf would be better to tie around the Legacy Satchel, the normal scarf that is pictured above or the ponytail version that you mentioned? Sorry, I am still new to the scarf typing thing, but I saw it on a couple people's bags and I love the look! Thanks so much! ;)
i bought the ponytail scard ( see avatar ) ... i thought getting the oneyou posted might be annoying to tie on... the ponytail scarf goes on so easily
I just purchased the ponytail scarf for my legacy shoulder bag. I have the black leather. I think it'll look cute on most bags since it has so many different colors on it!
I think this would look good with the right bag. :yes: Something solid so that the colors of the scarf would stand out. Don't think this would look good with something like the scribble tote. Too much going on there. :sad: