Coach Legacy scarf?

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  1. I am really loving this Coach Legacy stripe scarf. I want to use it to tie on a bag. What do you guys think?

  2. I really love the Legacy scarves. Personally, I'm more likely to use the pony scarf but this one is also stunning. If you get it be sure to take pics!!
  3. Those stripes are GORGEOUS! I have the Legacy Stripe Ponytail Scarf and I have it tied onto my Legacy Signature Shoulder bag. I get lots of compliments... especially from the SAs!

    Which bag are you thinking of tying it onto?
  4. I am not sure, since I don't have any Coach bags yet. But, since I am thinking of getting the Coach Legacy Leather Satchel, I may tie it onto that one. Also, I was wondering, which scarf would be better to tie around the Legacy Satchel, the normal scarf that is pictured above or the ponytail version that you mentioned? Sorry, I am still new to the scarf typing thing, but I saw it on a couple people's bags and I love the look! Thanks so much! ;)
  5. Sorry for so many questions, but I was also wondering would it look okay if I tie it onto the LV Damier Azur if I decide to get that one?
  6. I love anything Legacy striped. That scarf is really cute. I guess it would be okay to tie it on the Azur!
  7. Thanks for your feedback guys!
  8. i bought the ponytail scard ( see avatar ) ... i thought getting the oneyou posted might be annoying to tie on... the ponytail scarf goes on so easily
  9. I just purchased the ponytail scarf for my legacy shoulder bag. I have the black leather. I think it'll look cute on most bags since it has so many different colors on it!
  10. I think this would look good with the right bag. :yes: Something solid so that the colors of the scarf would stand out. Don't think this would look good with something like the scribble tote. Too much going on there. :sad:
  11. love it! the colors are stunning!
  12. I love the stripe pattern. The colors are so bright and bold. Makes me feel happy!
  13. on a black or brown leather bag it would be genius.
  14. I got the hair scarf last night...wore it today... And my stepmom surprised me with the square legacy scarf to tie around my katy tote.
  15. Thanks for all your opinions everyone!

    I just got this scarf off ebay!! :nuts: I can't wait until it arrives!:yahoo: