Coach Legacy Satchel in black or whiskey?

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  1. I went to the outlet today and found my dream bag from 2 years ago. I was just passing by the Coach store in my mall the other day and whining cause they don't carry the satchels anymore. Well after dropping my niece off near some outlets, I stopped by the Coach outlet and almost wet myself when I saw the Legacy satchel for $327! I bought it in black because they didn't have whiskey but they might be able to order it. I drooled over the whiskey for so long but the SA talked me into black (will go with everything) and now I am so undecided! I need advice from other Coach mamas! What do you think?
  2. i'm on the same boat as you. but i'm into the legacy shoulder bags with the one pocket in front. i got it in black and now i want the whiskey. maybe you should get both if you can.
  3. I wish!! I can barely afford one :confused1:
  4. so wait, would she order at the outlet price in whiskey?

    i ask because i just ordered the mandy and i had to pay full price, i was so upset....
  5. You know I don't know. I asked about the whiskey and she said she could order. She didn't mention full price, but after reading online I guess they might. I would hope they would have mentioned it. So what do you think? Black or Whiskey?
  6. They can probably get it for you either if it comes in, or do a charge/send where you pay for it at that outlet and another outlet ships it to your home. :yes: I can't really answer because I love both. :yes: I think whiskey would match just as much as black would.. what color shoes do you tend to wear, or clothing? Also the whiskey will show more scratches and stuff, but that is the look. It just depends.. I have seen some of those in whiskey that were beautiful and others not so much because the coloring and that can vary so much. Sorry I am not much help.. let us know what you decide! :tup:
  7. I'd say keep the black. I love the Legacy bags, but I just can't get past how practically everything they touch leaves a mark. The black is very forgiving in that way.
  8. They will charge you full price for the whiskey bag unless they can do a charge/send! I would ask that first.

    As for the color, I'm not much of a black leather person..I only own one black Coach bag and just a few other brands in black, but I really like the whiskey color a lot. I think it depends on what you need for your wardrobe. I agree that black is friendlier than the reddish tint of the whiskey color, but if you don't need a black bag that much (like me), then it's a moot point. I would say if you can score both bags, though, then that would be the optimal situation!! Good luck!!

  9. I also agree with this statement... This is the one thing I like about my black Abbey as opposed to my tobacco one. It's not just the Legacy line, but usually black does show marks less than brown, especially with the vintage leathers like Legacy and some of the Chelseas!
  10. Well I am looking for an everyday bag that can stand up to my life, toddler and all. I thought the vintage leather would be more durable...

  11. If you like the distressed and weathered look after a while, it would probably be ok. But IMO there's more maintenance and care with Vachetta leather than something like patent or the pebble grain (non vintage) Chelsea bags. If you are looking for real durability, I would say probably patent or the coated canvas is best because they are a bit easier to clean. Otherwise, then I would say black is definitely your best bet because the whiskey Vachetta will scratch and show wear around the edges (SA called that "warming"). The scratches, rain spotting, and color transfer can be minimized by conditioning and spraying.
  12. I guess I will call and see what they would charge. Thanks :smile:
  13. Yeah I would call and make sure it is from another outlet so you are paying the same.. another thing you could do is do a charge/send and keep the black until the whiskey comes in and then compare the 2 and keep the one you like the most.. not all whiskey bags look the same.
  14. Get the whiskey, it's so pretty. I think I saw this bag you're talking about at the Primm, NV outlet and they had it in black & whiskey for that same price. If it would have been in raisin I would have had such a hard time resisting it. Is it the bag with the two front pockets and it has a dog leash brass clip in the center between the two pockets?