Coach Legacy Ostrich Leather Satchel

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  1. I absolutely adore the Coach Legacy satchel and hope to own one in the near future in Whiskey or Brown.

    However, I was looking on eBay today and noticed there is an Ostrich leather Legacy satchel, which I thought I would like until I looked at the photo. The satchel is quite a 'busy' bag anyway, but add those Ostrich 'spots' and the overall appearance seems quite confused. Am I alone or do you girls think it works? I know the price definitely doesn't work for me!
  2. I have to agree that the spots just makes it look like it has chicken pox! Sorry... :sad:
  3. I have to agree. The spots just makes it look like it has chicken pox! : (
  4. I like the ostrich, but I don't like the color which I think makes the spots look more obvious. I've seen this bag in one of the catalogs in a different color before and it was gorgeous. I think it was like a light citrony color if I remember correctly but it definately was not orange. It was in one of the legacy catalogs that came out late last year or early this year I think.
  5. I love ostrich, so I think i'm biased when I saw it looks great to me!

    In that picture it looks like a flash is killing the color.
  6. That handbag does not look appealing at all.
  7. Ostrich can be done beautifully... it may just be the photos
  8. I don't like ostrich with that style of bag. There's too much hardware and pockets, and whatnot for it to be effective.

    Now put ostrich on an Hermes Birkin, that is very simple in line and embellishment, and it works fabulously. I don't even like the Birkin, and I love the pink ostrich one.

    Ostrich needs to be the standout whenever it's used (IMO), and not a lot else should be going on on the bag.
  9. To my surprise, I actually kind of like it.
  10. Ostrich isn't generally my cup of tea, but I agree with pp that the style and color of this bag especially don't seem to be working with the ostrich. Even so, I am sure someone will love it enough to have to have it!
  11. Just wanted to add, that I can't believe a seller lists a $4000 bag with only one photograph. Is that crazy, or is that to prevent scammers from taking her pictures?
  12. Not quite sure if I like this bag. It looks like it has the chicken pox!