Coach Legacy Mandy - which color is your favorite?

  1. Okay, I have been debating this and wanting this bag for a long time! I have decided to treat myself to a ocahc legacy mandy shoulder bag since I have sold a few items on eBay. I am just struggling with which color to get. I can't decide between the black leather or natural leather. I have the Ali bag in both natural and black (and whiskey too:shame:smile:. I am absolutely love my natural ali but what I don't love are the water spots. But how I love that would you recommend the blk leather or natural leather? Which do you own and for those of you who own several - which is your favorite? Thanks!!
  2. I own Black, White & used to own Natural. If I could only have one, I'd vote for Black.
  3. I LOVE the white. It's almost a winter white so it can be carried year-round, but the leather just looks so luxurious in white!
  4. I know its not one of your options but my fav. is white.
  5. Black. Versatile, classic, gorgeous, imho of course :smile:
  6. I just bought a shoulder bag in white. I also love white leather....BUT...between your choices...I would ask yourself which color matches with your wardrobe better? Between your black and natural Ali, which one do you use or reach for more often? I would choose that color for your Mandy. Post pics when you decide!!
  7. I have a Coach Legacy Mandy in the Black. I did purchase the Natural but returned it as I thought I would not wear it as much as the black. I love my Black Mandy and although I have not carried her for three weeks I will bring her out next week. You can't go wrong though with the whiskey or Natural. I got the black as it is the only type of Legacy Vintage Leather you can wear in the rain without getting spots on it. The rain/water actually just beads off of the bag and is not absorbed in the black leather. I believe this is because of the finish. Good luck deciding.
  8. I just got a black Mandy from eBay. I also have Mandy in natural as well. I love them both, but the black will probably be more durable, because as others have said, you won't have to worry about getting spots and stains on her.
  9. I vote black. I have a black mandy and have used it non stop for 2 months and there is not a scratch or spot on it. (And I am not easy on my bags) In fact my dh commented on it yesterday. He was impressed that it still looks new.(We were originally worried considering the vintage leather scratches easily). Black goes with everything. Its not the "prettiest" color by far, but so practical. I never worry about getting it dirty:nogood:.

    I have kids so I always stay away from light colored bags, esp. white.
  10. Another vote for black. IMO, Mandy looks best in black and whiskey.
  11. I bought a black Mandy on eBay.. ended up selling her because she was a bit heavy/big for me (doh!) but I loved her.. I also love that natural color, so I can see what a hard decision that would be.. I think it mainly comes down to your style and also black will be more durable with marks/stains, etc. If you are thinking of getting one on ebay, maybe just see which you can get a better deal on?!? BTW post pics when you get one, good luck!!! :yes:
  12. whiskey
  13. I own the Whiskey and the White. I bought them both off of ebay and I love the white. It is so classy and it is a winter white. Get the whiskey. It won't show stains and the color is so rich

    But remember.... they are soooo very heavy!
  14. I love the whiskey and the black so I am no help :confused1:
  15. My vote is for whiskey even though that's not one of your choices. I love my whiskey mandy!