coach legacy? Mandy or Shoulder?

  1. Hi Everyone, I've decided that I would like to get a legacy bag however I am just realizing that the mandy and shoulder bags are different... for those of you that have these bags - which do you prefer? I want to buy one on eBay and want to make sure that I get the right bag. I am 5'9 and weigh about 155-160. There are a few a black leather ones and a gorgeous pond shoulder bag... please help me decide. Also, how heavy is the mandy and do you think the shoulder would be too small for me. THank you for your help.
  2. I have Mandy in whiskey and it's a fabulous bag! I'm as tall as you and it works for me! Plus I love big bags! It's heavy, but it's nothing compared to how heavy Miranda is (which I've been carrying for a month now!) Plus the fact that you wear it on your shoulder helps to even out the weight.
    The shoulder bag would have been too small for me!!
  3. What are you planning to use it for? An everyday bag or as a work tote? Do you need a lot of room? I think they are both gorgeous and I think you should base your decision on which size suits your needs better.
  4. Hi, I would like it for every day use. Right now, I have the ali bag (which I love) but I do find it a tiny bit heavy and I usually have lots of room in the does the shoulder compare to the ali - thanks so much..
  5. The Shoulder Bag is about an inch less in length, a couple inches less in height and maybe an inch less in depth. Those are an estimate and someone correct me if I'm wrong. The Mandy will be even heavier than your Ali, for sure. I think the Mandy is close to 4 pounds empty.
  6. I thought I read the Mandy is heavy also. It sounds like the shoulder bag might work well for you.
  7. I concur with Mokoni. Mandy will definitely be heavier than Ali (I have both) so it sounds like that the Shoulder bag would be a better choice for you.

    Good luck with whatever you decide - and post some yummy pics for us when you choose (so that we can lust over your bag).
  8. I have one of each (06 styles) and the shoulder filled is lighter than the Mandy when empty.

    I love my Mandy, and use it for work, but here's an example:

    I switched from my Mandy with accordian zip wallet, wristlet with few make-up items, cell phone, keys, and sunglasses to the Large Denim Tote with all that, plus two large-ish novels, two folders with class rosters, etc, a wireless mouse, and extra keys and the tote was easier to carry than the Mandy!! It didn't feel as heavy.

    If you're looking for an everyday bag - i highly recommend the shoulder bag. If you're willing to lift a few more lbs each day and really want a larger bag, then the Mandy is fine.
  9. I have the mandy in whiskey and i am recommending the shoulder bag. I like to carry a lot of stuff in my purses and the mandy is ever so heavy when full. I believe that the shoulder bag is large and light enough to be and everyday bag.
  10. The shoulder bag. The Mandy looks too big IMO for everyday. And the shoulder bag is suprisingly roomy.
  11. I am 5'10" and about 155 and I ordered the mandy and it was really heavy to me and big.. I LOVE the look of it, but I am a sahm and have no need for a huge bag.. my kids aren't babies anymore so no diapers either! I ended up reselling it. I think the shoulder would be better suited for you. Good luck! :tup:
  12. Either choice is going to be a good one. We had a client come into work yesterday with a Khaki/black trim Sig Mandy and it looked SOOO good on her. The shoulder I think looks good on ANYONE too so you win either way. BUT if you don't plan on carrying much I'd say go with the shoulder. You won't regret it!
  13. I have the shoulder in Pond and even though it is heavy, it's a very useful bag. It stays in my shoulder, fits all my stuff and those exterior pockets are super handy.
  14. I was so in love with the Mandy- that I bought the Whiskey and the White. While they are gorgeous bags, they are so heavy that I wish I had bought one Mandy and one Shoulder. I travel a lot and boy is it heavy!!!