Coach Legacy Mandy or Coach Legacy Leather Satchel in Whisky. Help!!

  1. Ok Ladies,

    I am torn, which one should I get? The Leather Mandy Courrier in Whisky or the Legacy Leather Satchel in Whisky?? If you can tell me why you made your choice it would help even more.

    thanks so much!
  2. mandy hands down. fits over your shoulder. that's reason enough
  3. I don't have either one but reallly want the Mandy. I think court is correct in the reasoning -- it fits over your shoulder.
    But I certainly wouldn't turn a satchel down.
  4. I have a whiskey satchel and love it. It's a tight squeeze but it does fit over my shoulder. I have to agree with PP in that the Mandy would be a great bag based on the fact that it will fit on your shoulder! You can't go wrong either way :yes:
  5. i personally would go with the satchel.
  6. This depends on how you like to carry your bag. If you want a shoulder bag, then get the Mandy. The Mandy is just a bigger version of the regular shoulder and personally, I don't think they look that good carried in the hand. If you want a handbag, then it's the satchel all the way. If this was strictly my choice, I'd get the satchel because I already have the shoulder.
  7. Mandy all the way because it's a shoulder bag.
  8. Definitely depends on how you like to carry your bags...if I had the choice though, I would go with the satchel.
  9. I dont own one yet, but the Mandy is TDF...and it's a shoulder bag which is a plus with bags like these that might be slightly heavier because of all the hardware.
  10. PS...outstanding collection ktdid!
  11. thanks :blush:
  12. mandy !!
  13. i say the mandy !
    I own 3 & thats my favorite legacy style.
  14. Both are beautiful bags but if you like a bag to sit on your shoulder, I would go with the mandy.
  15. MANDY!
    a.) You can carry it on your shoulder (you probably can carry the courier on your shoulder if you don't put too much in the bag and if you are a smaller person.)
    b.) You can get it up onto your shoulder in one smooth movement . . . . and with one hand. (You will NOT be able to do this with the courier.)
    c.) It has the super cute turnlocks. (The courier has the buckle type hardware that is a replica from years past . . . . still cute, but not as cute as the turnlocks.)