Coach Legacy Luci Satchel

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  1. I know this purse is out of season or whatever. but i really likeit and still want it. tommarow i am going to an outlet store and idk what to do if they dont have it can i call coach costumer servie? if so does anyone kno the number??

    also is legacy leather heavy? if it is about how heavy? could you compare it to anything?
  2. I doubt you will find it at the outlet anymore. This bag is very heavy. I had one and sold it because it was too heavy. She was so beautiful, so if you can handle the weight, it's a fantastic bag!
  3. okay thank you. do you have any suggestions for me bag wise. PS- i am new so i may take longer to respond
  4. Someone posted a similar bag at the outlet, called the courtney. It's patent leather, but the domed shape. You could look for that.
  5. I agree with Hisgeekygrrrl. I HIGHLY doubt you will find the Luci at an outlet. Your best bet is probably *Bay. And yes, that type of leather can be quite heavy, but I don't mind that. That's actually what I like about the old Legacy bags. Nice and sturdy. If you call customer service they probably wont be able to track it, but it's always worth a shot. GL!!
  6. The new soho dome Factory bags would be a good alternative to the Luci, less weight but still overall shape.
  7. thank you guys are so helpful. this will be my first coach purchase!
  8. Let us know what you decide and show some pics!!!
  9. Okay. i will. btw how much do bags from the outlet usually cost?
  10. It really depends. They have really been marking them down. I am thinking the courtney was $260 maybe?? Do a search and I think you can find the post with pictures of her and the price. Some of the retail bags that are in the outlet now get reduced really far down. You really just have to go in and see what they have there because the outlets vary quite a bit.
  11. I would try ebay I have seen a few on there I really love that bag too
  12. Luci is a RARE find at the outlets. I was lucky enough to find a Luci in black last Wednesday!!!! I was soooooo shocked cuz I didn't expect to find anymore 07 Legacy bags since there was a legacy blitz back in October. I got the bag on clearance for 199.99 after 50% off. My advice is to still go and look. What I do is, I zoom in the clearance section and literally look at every piece they have. Top to bottom and deep into the shelves. Sometimes there are one of a kind lurking all the way in the back.

    Expect the unexpected and good luck!!!

    It's a heavy bag but I love it!!!!!!
  13. Hi. This message is for PeaceLove. I just joined the forum and noticed that you were looking for the Coach Legacy Luci several months ago. Are you still looking? There is one in the Walnut color listed on Ebay. That may be your best bet. I tried to acquire one as well, but they are considered vintage now. I ended up buying a different style. It is beautiful though. I can see why you would make that your first Coach purchase. Best of Luck!
  14. The bag is very beatiful. As to the weight it does not have anything to do with the legacy Leather it on the bag such as hardware, size ect...