Coach Legacy Leigh Question

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  1. Hello all:

    I have a general question about the Leigh, I have stalked and wanted this bag forever but didn't realize the strap was not that long - is it meant to be carried as a satchel or under arm. I am 'fluffy' and jus want to make sure. I have other legacy bags and just wasn't sure.

    I tried looking at other modeling pics but hard to tell about the straps.

    Thanks, in advance.
  2. I think it's a shoulder bag. I used to have one. Let's see what others say...
  3. I had Leighs too, and I would definitely say they are shoulder bags, just not with a really long strap. I think that all of the crossbodies and bags that come with two straps now are what we are getting used to. But some of the original Legacy bags, like Leigh, Lily, even the one-front pocket shoulder bags, just have one strap and its not a really long strap, but they are, to me anyway, still shoulder bags.
  4. I figured as much I guess I didn't realize it was that short of a strap - but still love it. Just wanted to here the views of others.

    Thanks and I will await additional feedback.
  5. I have two leighs and I love them. I am "fluffly" too, and they are very comfortable for me. I am trying to pare down my collection right now and they are not even in consideration for the chopping block. The strap is a great length.
  6. I was fluffier when I owned my Leigh, and as far as I remember I could carry it on my shoulder. It maybe a lil' bit snug with a big winter coat...but that would be my only concern!
  7. Definitely a shoulder bag. Though the strap is a bit shorter than some, it should still be able to fit comfortably on the shoulder, fluffy or not.
  8. Also have 2 Leighs! (camel and black)
    Also am fluffy!
    Also they're great on me!
    I'll never give my two up either!
    Leigh twins!
  9. It is a Shoulder bag.. If you carry it on your wrist or in your hand it is really heavy but for some reason on the shoulder it is fine..

    I am also a big girl and the strap length is great... This bag is worth getting..
  10. I have the black leigh, and love it, its one of my most prized bags! Its definitely a shoulder bag for me!
  11. I have 2 Leighs! It is my favorite legacy bag. What color are you considering?

    I think it is definitely a shoulder bag. The strap drop does seem short, but because the strap is set wide on the bag it fits under my fluffy arm even with a coat on.
    I hope you find one!
  12. It's fine on the shoulder. I would compare it in comfort to a medium Zoe. I traded away my Juniper Leigh and immediately missed it so much that I replaced after about a week. Most of the Legacy bags with the wide single strap are very comfortable.
  13. DITTO!:P
  14. I have the Whiskey Leigh and its my purse soulmate... It is definitely a shoulder bag. I'm fluffy and it sits just fine on my shoulder even with a big sweater or my wool coat..
  15. I have 2 Leighs (Black and Walnut) and agree it is a shoulder bag. I too am fluffy and it fits comfortably,on my shoulder. I can't really use it as a satchel, looks odd in crook of elbow. Best carried with cardigan, blazer...a winter coat poses a challenge for me.
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