1. What do you fellow TPFers think of the COACH LEGACY LEATHER WRISTLET in Raisin? Does anyone have it? Opinions please!!! :tdown: :tup: :confused1:
  2. I have the one in black (from last year but it's the same one). It's beautiful but doesn't fit very much.
  3. I was hoping to just fit a compact lip-gloss and lipstick, money, that sort of thing for short trips out where I don't want to carry a lot of things. Maybe a football game or two. What do you think? Will it serve its purpose for that sort of thing? :confused1:
  4. I would suggest the Bleecker wristlet - it can fit a lot more. Although the raisin color is GORGEOUS!!
  5. i don't have it but---yum!
    if you want to fit lots of stuff try the Bleecker capacity--it comes in wine!--or the Chelsea turnlock---mineral is tdf!!
  6. I can fit 5 Lancome lipsticks in my legacy wristlet. There is a slip pocket under the turnlock for cash, DL etc., I don't have Raisin but saw it IRL it's a pretty color, one of my favorites from this season.
  7. What about a normal size compact? Will that fit? I have no idea.:hysteric:
  8. I have that wristlet and its great. It does fit my gloss, mirror compact, cell, keys, and cash.

    I say go for it!
  9. Thanks so much!!! :tup: I think I'll pick it up tomorrow!:yes:
  10. awesome!! be sure to post pics..this is my favorite color in a long time from coach!
  11. I have the one in chili red!!! it fits money and my cell phone and keys and more stuff than ppl think!!!
  12. So I went to my coach store today to pick up my raisin color beauty and they didn't have any...:shrugs: so I had to order it and i should be here in a few days. As soon as I get it I promise to take lots of pics. By the way since I was in the store, I had to buy a few things.... here are my new "lil" babies....:yahoo: jse_family_073.jpg




  13. The raisin color is gorgeous. One of my fellow SA's just purchased it in the Leigh flap, and we have the shoulder bag in our store. Yummmmmm
  14. I adore Raisin, it will go with everything...brown or black...and the turnlock is ADORABLE.
    Nice new little girls too!!! Love them!!!
  15. I think it's a pretty color, though I also suggest getting a Bleecker Wristlet.