Coach Legacy Leather Swing Pack-Opinions Needed

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  1. Hi everyone, im a new member, nice to meet you all.

    I am thinking about purchasing the Coach Legacy Leather Swing Pack which can be found here for basically $200 with tax and shipping

    Here is a picture of it [​IMG]

    This bag is seemingly the most convenient for me as it has the two outside pockets so that means more room for stuff. However, im wondering if this swing pack can hold a wire binder notebook or even a regular sized black and white notebook comfortably in its main section?

    Im a college student so if the bag were able to hold even one book it would be a plus.

    The duffel isnt ideal for me as it has too much of the handbag look and I want something a little more casual. Moreover, in my opinion the Legacy Leather Swing Pack has THE BEST design ever currently in the swing pack

    Does anyone have the Legacy Leather Swing Pack or has seen one or a similiar one in real life and can offer some assistance?

    Thanks in advance for the replies, they would be greatly appreciated.

  2. welcome!!!! :yes: I don't have one but I am almost positive a swingpack can not hold a notebook.. I love that swingpack though, it's so cute!!!! :yes:
  3. yeah, agreed, the swingpacks are a bit too narrow to handle standard-sized notebooks.. you'll need something at least [SIZE=-1]8 ½" x 11 for that, right? perhaps try the totes? even in the smaller size, those will definitely keep a few notebooks plus other stuff. good luck![/SIZE]
  4. def take a look at the totes they come in a nice array of styles and does not yeild that overtly handbag look and as a fellow student i def admit it is very much worth teh investment to get a tote as apposed to a backpack b/c you can easliy get books and such out of it and when you do leave campus and head out to the local coffee spot to have a nice coffee and snack while you do work you will look very much the dedicated student .... on a sid enot i have the retro glove tanned portfolio in black and i do not know how i lived before i bought it ... and when my b/f had summer classes loaned them my portfolio and they fell in love with it also and went out and purchased one and have also had soem professors look and ask so def a must for class and later on in professional life lol my mom who is an a lawyer was like hmm i really like this where did you buy it and i want one lol no if only i had her income lol .....