Coach Legacy Leather Shoulder in Pond

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  1. I know these are at the outlets but how much are they going for? I want one SOOOO bad and see them on eBay for just under $300. Is this still too much?

    Oh, I wish I lived close to an outlet. Not much fun living in Montana with a love for Coach. :cursing:
  2. I don't know how much they are at the outlets, ours hasn't had any, but I have seen them on eBay for as low as $229 NWT. I am sure someone here will know the exact cost though.. pretty color!! :tup:
  3. I personally haven't seen any in my outlet.
  4. My outlet had them a couple months ago---but none lately. They are really pretty in Pond. I bought myself one and waiting till it's blue Jean weather to wear it. I also picked up the matching Framed wallet on eBay.
  5. Do you remember what you paid?
  6. People have found them at the outlets for $159.99.
    This makes me sad as I spent retail minus 25% which was well over $300.

    I love love love the bag but now, knowing that it went so cheap in the outlets, I feel less crazy about the bag. In fact, I'm not even carrying it any more. When I got it, I couldn't imagine carrying any other bag. *sigh*.
    Anyway if you were to ask me 5 months ago if $300 was a great price, I'd have said, "hell yeah" but now, I guess you'd be paying too much.
  7. WOW, what a deal that would have been!
  8. I feel you pain- only I paid FULL price!! Ouch!! I love the bag and do still use it but it irks me to no end that they are that cheap at the outlet!! I mean, I only bought the bag at the end of April! :cursing:
  9. I had to turn to ebay since I couldn't find one anywhere around here. I paid $269 (maybe $279), which I thought was still a good deal considering the original price.

    the seller I purchased from has more online, and shipped with dustbag, gift receipt, and very good packaging. I can refer name if you wish.
  10. I see a seller selling them for $269 so I assume that's who you are talking about. I'm SOOO tempted......
  11. My DD got one at the outlet for $160, but they only got one in pond, we were just lucky. I think they flew out of the outlets as fast as they got there.
  12. I have the actual bag posted in the reference section if you want to take a looksy. It's a beauty! i'm almost afraid to use it since i want to keep it looking pretty. Need to condition before I take her out for show :yes:
  13. Mine's posted in the reference section too. I still love it.. I guess I'm just mad at Coach.
    I mean, for a while it was hard to find these on ebay and they even were going for slightly MORE than retail. They were out of stock in JAX -- and then bam! people started buying them in the outlets for $159.
    Bad Coach, Bad Coach :cursing:

  14. Actually I don't think you can condition the legacy leather. Check with coach but when I emailed them they said it was vintage leather and as such I couldn't use any products on it. It also said something like that on the care card.
  15. To me, too much is relative. Yes, a person can feel duped if they pay full price and then they go to outlet for $160. But like others said, they flew off the shelves there, and if you weren't lucky enough to walk in at the right time on the right day, you wouldn't have found one there, either.

    Only you can decide if the bag is worth what it is going for on eBay. Pond is an unusual color, was highly in demand, and the shoulder bag style is convenient and classy. I think it's a beautiful bag!