Coach Legacy Leather Shoulder Bag???

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  1. Hi all,
    In the Legacy Leather Shoulder Bag.......I know it came in POND (blue) but did it also come in JUNIPER or is this just an 'off' description for POND??? Thanks for your answers!!
  2. I saw a listing on eBay that described a shoulder bag as juniper but it was obviously pond. If you're looking at a bag on eBay, I'd recommend you post in the 'authenticate this' thread to get some opinions about authenticity. The 06 bag came in pond while the 07 bag comes in juniper.

  3. The Legacy Shoulder Bag from 2006 No. 10328 came in white, black, pond, rose, natural whiskey and brown. That is the one with two pockets in the front and the turnlock. The new Legacy Shoulder Bag No. 11127 has just one pocket in the front- photo on the bottom comes in Juniper, raisin, citron, black, gardenia, camel and whiskey - new colors will be added in the New Year.

    [​IMG] 2006 Version

    [​IMG] 2007 Version
  4. I agree with Tlloveshim. The '06 Legacy Shoulder bag has the (2) exterior pocket style whereas the '07 Legacy Shoulder bag has only (1) exterior pocket. And the '06 bag did come in Pond whereas the '07 bag, so far, comes in Juniper but no Pond color. Like Tlloveshim stated, the "authenticate this" thread should be able to help you identify the authenticity of it. Good luck!
  5. It was a bag on eBay and it was surely the 2006 Pond, Legacy Shoulder Bag and surely authentic....'gorgeous'...and someone got a good deal at $155. I did not bid due to the dimensions of the bag...I like a tad bigger bag. Thanks to all of you for answering the question.
  6. Do those bags weigh a ton ?
  7. Yes, pretty heavy bags....I have 'Mandy' in whiskey and she is a heavy one...but I adore that bag...and I have 'Ali' coming to my door step this Friday...YEA!!!!
  8. I didn't find mine to be heavy when I had one. I had it in black and in pond. I sold the black and returned the pond! I just didn't like the bulkiness of it under my arm. I find I like the 07 signature version because it has more 'give' to it so doesn't feel as bulky under my arm when I carry it. I also prefer the one pocket on the front rather than 2.
  9. $155!!!

    ***passes out*** Why wasn't it me!? I love the pond shoulder bag!!!
  10. yea, I know, $155 (WOW).....I came so close to bidding.....such a gorgeous bag.....and it was immaculate with dustbag and all......just knew I would have wished it was larger.
  11. Darn, I missed the end of the auction for this! I love the '06 leather Legacy's. I have one in black and one in whiskey. This would have made a great addition to the family! What a great deal someone got!