1. Does anyone like or have this? I see all the posts that the Raisin is gorgeous, but nothing about the one in Juniper. I'm considering the Juniper, but.......please let me know what u think!?:shrugs:
  2. I actually like the Juniper more in person than the Raisin! The raisin was too... light for me.
  3. The Juniper is FABULOUS in real life!
  4. The color is beautiful.
  5. I'm getting the Leigh in juniper, and the shoulder bag in rasin. I need both colors.
  6. Need - LOL! Me too I need everything in the Coach store!.... but really I have to think of other people's X-mas gifts so I can only get one! Thanks so far for feedback, I prob. will end up getting Juniper. If it wasn't holiday, I would prob get leigh and shoulder bag also in one each.:graucho:
  7. I love the juniper color!! I saw it in the store last week and loved it in the shoulder bag and the leigh!
  8. Oh - I. Am. So. Close. To. Getting. Juniper!!:drool::drool: