Coach Legacy Leather Pocket Shoulder tote?

  1. Hi everyone, I'm considering buying the Coach Legacy Leather Pocket Shoulder Tote in brown, mostly for work. Does anyone have this bag?? Any complaints? If you have any pix of yourself wearing the bag, please post - I'd love to see how it looks like on! What do you guys think of it??

    Here are pix of Mandy Moore wearing the white version:
    mandy2.JPG mandy.JPG
  2. I have this in brown - for work and I love it! It is big enough to carry my laptop and essentials but small enough too. I really, really want the smaller version too but that seems like overkill!
  3. Thanks for your feedback Stephanie! I actually really love the small version, I like the style even better than the big one but I am in need of a big back for work. I say go for it, maybe in another colour!
  4. If I had the money I would buy it in a heartbeat! You go winnie! If you get it, please post pictures if you could!
  5. I've found a few of the smaller ones in white at the if you have one by you I suggest you call or go there. Last time I was there it was only $50.00 off retail but now it may be an add. 20% off or more since they are having labor day sales this weekend. Good luck & if you do get one please post pics.
  6. I just got this purse TODAY! I LOVE IT! I ordered it yesterday A.M. from Coach and had them overnight it (you have to call the number on for overnight because they don't offer it online.) I asked the woman who took my order if she could waive the overnight shipping fee since I was buying a $798 handbag, and she did manage to cut it in half, so overnight was only $14. Good experience. Anyways, love the bag, my largest Coach yet, can't believe how roomy! I'm sure I'll have it full of junk before the end of the week! Here are some pics:




  7. Beautiful bag! And your puppy is adorable!
  8. So glad they cut that shipping in half for you. No company has to do things like that - no matter how much you are spending. Most companies don't make alot of money on their shipping (most, not all!!) and they had to pay for it to ship overnight. It isn't as if they have their own planes or anything - they had to pay UPS or FedEx or whatever.

    That is just one of the many things I LOVE about Coach. They go above and beyond what alot of companies will do. I am not just comparing designer handbag companies to other handbag companies. I am just saying overall retail businesses. I am sure that LV or Dior or Gucci or whatever do similiar things.

    But Coach does offer a lifetime guarantee on their bags, and do offer replacements of hang tags and even the pen I lost from my Agenda - for free!! I wanted to pay for a new one and they wouldn't let me :yes: That is customer service :excl:

    Enjoy your phenomenal new bag.....
  9. I just bought the bag in brown and I LOVE it! They had a white one sitting next to the brown and it had already discolored just from being out under the lights. The SA told me quite a few people had complained about the white. They said if you rub it on your jeans the blue color comes off on the bag. :sad: Go for the brown. It is even more beautiful in person.
  10. I have the large brown one and I love it! It's perfect for work IMO.
    Cindi--thanks for the info re: white bags. I have been considering one but have hesitated because, you know, it's white---dirt magnet!
  11. not to mention the white one is at outlet probably because they've been having problems with the white leather.

    what i love about coach is though, if you sent it in, because it's their fault, they give you full credit back or a brand new bag.

    but if you want to get the smaller version as well, wait for the new legacy bags! there is an updated version of this one. and in a smaller size as well

    anddddddd. i still highly recommend going into the coach store, because they can make that shipping for free =)
  12. Ms. Whitney:

    I agree about preferring to go into the actual store to shop, oh the beautiful bags! Probably would have a harder time choosing just one... Unfortch, I live about 4 hours from the nearest boutique store, and since I am an "instant gratification" person, I just couldn't wait! I must say, having never seen the Legacy Leather Pocket Shoulder Tote in person until it was delivered, there was absolutely NO dissappointment, it is even better than I expected. That leather smell when I opened the box was amazing!
  13. Your bag is beautiful!! Is it heavy at all?? Do you have a pic of yourself wearing it?
  14. Winnie365: Thanks for the complement on my bag! The weight of it is a little heavier than I am used to, only because this bag is quite a bit bigger than any I have had before. If you look at this page, you can see the other bags in my collection compared to this bag, maybe it will give you some idea.

    It is by no means too heavy, but I haven't really filled it up yet, although I do tend to accumulate junk! I stuffed a men's XL hooded sweatshirt in it tonight, along with all my other usual junk, and it still had room! I am not much of a shoulder bag person, because they tend to slip off my shoulders, but this stays put beautifully because the bulk of it stays tucked behind your elbow. I will try to post a picture of me wearing it tomorrow, so you can see the size of it.

    I know it is a lot of money to invest, but I think the quality is unsurpassed, and it will serve you well for many years to come. I still carry a 10 year old pebbled bucket bag that looks as beautiful as the day I bought it!