coach legacy collection

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  1. i could no longer wait :yahoo:...the big boxes were teasing me!! technically it wasn't a christmas present, since i used my gift card from my birthday. so here it is: my ali, wristlet, and cosmetic case:

  2. GORGEOUS!!!!! And you were able to snag the whiskey wristlet before they were all sold out! :yahoo: Congrats!!!
  3. Just BEAUTIFUL!
    I also love the stripe cosmetic bag. I have that one too and use it as a clutch for evenings out.
  4. Congratulations.
  5. ^^LOL BB you're too funny!

    I don't know how you lasted for that long!
  6. Gorgeous! Congrats and Enjoy.
  7. :nuts: :drool: I love that cosmetic case. I think I may need to switch out my current coach case for that one.
  8. me either! it was calling my name and i couldn't help it any longer. i love this bag!!

    i've been using my sig stripe one for the longest, but this legacy striped is so friggin gorgeous :drool:

  9. I have the monogram one. I JUST bought it over the summer. It seems too soon to buy another one, but this is too cute!
  10. Hey, I'll hand it to you for being able to wait at all!

    Everything is gorgeous - I love that whiskey color! You need to post a pic of your entire collection when you can - every tiem you post a bag, I'm drooling, so I'd love to see it all in one place!

    Congrats and enjoy!
  11. elongreach, you could think of it as a spare..since you just bought one over the summer, it would be a shame if something happened to it, so you know just in case..
  12. i have that bag too, i wish i had the matching wristlet! lucky.
  13. I got the smaller shoulder zip top in whiskey, I wanted the striped coin key fob buy my coach store is all OUT of Legacy accessories!! I am so bummed!
  14. LOVE everything!!:love: Congrats!!
  15. Nice. I was on-line earlier and did not see the French Striped Wallet or the Pouch. Legacy is selling fast, it appears...