Coach Legacy Bag - Need help deciding, please!

  1. Hi Everyone-I really want a legacy bag right now and am looking at these three. I did have some questions and was hoping someone might be able to help if you have these bags!

    Legacy Satchel - is this bag comfortable to carry? Can it be worn over the shoulder at all? is it heavy? Is difficult to get in and out of with the dog leash closure?

    Legacy Courier - is this the same as the Mandy bag? Can this be worn over the shoulder? Is it heavy? Is it difficult to get in and out of with the dog leash closure?

    Legacy Shoulder bag - is this bag too small?

    Finally, what color do you like best - I've been looking at the pond color but am not sure!

    By the way, I have about 4 alis which I love!!!

    Thanks very much~
  2. I personally love the Legacy fits comfortably on my shoulder and it's actually pretty roomy. The Legacy satchel barely fit over my arm but it did in a pinch. I think if you are on the smaller side it may fit better :smile:
    Pond is a great color...I esp. thought it was pretty in the Satchel. Good luck! HTH a little bit :smile:
  3. I don't have any of these bags but I am getting a mandy in the mail anyday now :graucho: I love the look of the satchel, but for ME I have to have something that will go on my shoulder and I dont' want to undo the dogleash everytime... pain! I also love the shoulder bag but tried it on once an my arm took up the whole part of it.. but I would still consider this bag, it's cute! i have ordered the mandy because it is bigger, goes on my shoulder, and hangs lower, and had the zip top. I got a screaming deal on eBay too! lol I know a lot of girls own these so they can chime in. Good Luck.. the pond color looks really pretty too! :tup:
  4. Thanks for responding! What color did you get the Mandy bag in? :nogood:
  5. Satchel...heavy and very few people can carry it comfortably over the shoulder.

    Legacy shoulder bag---much lighter and rides comfortably on shoulder, but holds slightly less than Ali. I can put my lg. legacy stripe cosmetic case, slim legacy stripe envelope wallet, cellphone, keys, camera, iPod, aspirin and a few small odds & ends (the front pockets are a useful size), but with all of this, I can not fit my Coach case for my sunglasses.

    color: depends on my mood; I have brown, whiskey, black, white and favorite shoulder bag colors are pond and whiskey, at the moment.

    I also have 4 Alis and they hold all I need. I love the satchel look, but prefer to carry bags on my shoulder. It depends on how you like to carry your bags and how much stuff you need/want to carry in your bags. My shoulder prefers the weight of the Legacy shoulder bag for extended use!
  6. Forgot about Mandy! She's an excellent shoulder rider, sits lower than the shoulder bag, holds a TON with room to spare, obviously heavier than shoulder bag and she's a snap to get into because the dogleash in front is basically decoration unlike last year's Mandy that was attached to the flap.
  7. I just got the Legacy Satchel last week in black leather. I think it's comfortable to carry but it's a bit heavy (as are all of the larger Legacy bags). I can wear mine on my shoulder, but I am a pretty small person. I posted these photos in another thread, but I'll post them here for you, too. As for the top strap, if I have something large inside (which I do right now) I just tuck it inside the bag and it's fine. I don't think that strap is going to be much of an issue for me.





    I got a Mandy (Mandy and Courier are the same) yesterday on eBay so I don't have it yet. I think it's a bit larger than the satchel but it's more of a shoulder bag than a hand-held satchel. The dog leash strap is only on the front of the bag for decoration. It doesn't flap over the top so it's not really an issue at all like the satchel.

    I had a shoulder bag but I didn't keep it because it was too big for an everyday bag for me. I prefer to carry a smaller purse and then also carry a larger tote type bag with me to work. Two bags work better for me than one large bag.

    Quite honestly, I don't think you can go wrong with any of these bags! :yes:
  8. I got her in black, that was the great priced color, and I prefer that over whiskey because of the scratching. If you do look for a mandy, check on eBay. There have been a LOT going for $299-$399 which is a steal!! :tup:
  9. I just bought my 3rd Mandy today... in White. I also own Natural & Black.

    The Satchel just didn't sit well on my shoulder & the closure was a pain. On the Mandy it doesn't go over the zipper part.

    I like the shoulder bag too, but it's just too small for me.

    You can't go wrong with any of your choices though.
  10. TinksDelite -you are such a lucky girl, 3 Mandys! WOW, I am jealous! :greengrin:....more like green with envy.

    mokoni -you posted such beautiful pictures, your Satchel looks gorgeous on you, it is the perfect size. Congrats! I hope you like your Mandy, what color did you get? :smile:
  11. Thanks, Sweet Escape! I got a black Mandy, too. :lol:
  12. I have a shoulder bag in pond. I love it. I can fit two wristlets, a triple pill box, sunglasses, and have room to spare in the main compartment. In each of the pockets I put a mini skinny. The back pocket is where I put my keys, thought I could put more in there. It's also great for key fobs and charms. The key fobs can be put on the trigger snap on the handle. The charms can be put on the trigger snap or the little rings on the sides of the bag. If you can't find one on ebay then try the japan site, it would be more expensive, everything is more expensive over there.
  13. Legacy satchel......too bulky and uncomfy on the shoulder (to me) not too fond of the looks.
    Legacy Mandy.....I LOVE IT!!
    Legacy shoulder.....absolutely love the looks and feel but just a tad too small (for me)
    My choice would be a black or white mandy!
  14. I own the Legacy Satchel in whiskey and two Legacy Shoulder Bags (pond and black). I was drawn to both styles because of their stylish look.

    Honestly, I find Satchel way too heavy (even empty), and am unable to carry it comfortably on my shoulder. I wasn't sure I loved the shoulder bags either (thought they weren't big enough and felt like a stuffed football under my arm), UNTIL l I pared down my supplies and broke them in.

    The pond color is making an awesome summer bag, and I love the small metal loops (one on each side). I have a patchwork flower and beach charms hanging from one of the loops. The front pocket is perfect for my cell phone, and a small coach wallet really opens up the inside.

    Never did get that white Ali, but I still love this line. I'm not too sure about the new modifications.
  15. The satchel doesn't fit comfortably on my shoulder. The shoulder bag is great, but overall too small for my needs. If you are used to an Ali, it is unlikely the shoulder bag will be comfortable for you to carry. If nothing else, even if everything fits it will be far mroe crowded and difficult to find than in the Ali.