Coach Legacy Backpack

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  1. Not for me..I love backpacks. I have 5 kids and we when go places like museums and what not I NEED my hands. I don't care if I look outdated honestly. LV sells them still so they must not be too out dated.
  2. I think backpacks are ageless and classic. Although I do not have a backpack but I love to see them on other people.
  3. I'm not really a fan, but I think they are still considered to be in fashion, especially the LV ones
  4. This is pretty much why I'm looking at it. I was so flustered yesterday about driving to Detroit to go to a museum with my two kids. Crossbodys are a great thing for me, but even those get in the way when you are really trying to be active:smile:
  5. I give it a :tup: !! I use a backpack like this for our trips to Disneyland, and it's perfect! This Coach one is really nice and I love the color.
  6. not for plain but hey if you like it go for it!!:tup:
  7. That was at the Gilroy outlet yesterday! I almost got it, but decided to wait and see if they'd get more in black. it was 30% off the factory price so it'd come out to about $17X.XX.

    It was very comfy and lightweight! And the snap was very easy to open and close.
  8. I have a red one I got years ago...might be a bit smaller than what you're looking for. I use it for family outings/disney etc. Just make sure you can fit everything you will need. Like I said, Mine is a bit small, so I have to be careful about what I take with me/plan to pick up while out. Also, make sure you can wear it with whatever jacket you'll be wearing. I pretty much use mine when it's warm and I don't have to worry about coats, but something to consider. If you get it, I'm sure you'll get good use out of it as long as it's big enough for your stuff and you can wear it with coats/jackets if needed...
  9. I think that one is gorgeous!
  10. It was!!? Was there just one as though it were a return? Maybe I had better call mine before orderering!

    Thanks for all the input ladies...You really helped!
  11. There was one in black at Hagerstown last week in 30% off section but didn't check price.
  12. There were two in the same color that's on the website and they also got a black one in that morning but it sold shortly after. They were transfers.

    Good luck!
  13. I have a mahogany legacy backpack from 2000 that I bought off ebay. I really couldn't tell it had been used. I think I gave $50 for it. I absolutely love it for zoo and museum trips.