Coach Legacy Ali or shoulder bag?

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  1. Hello:

    I decided to get my sister a bag for Christmas. Initially I was pretty sure that I was going to get the shoulder bag (with the two front pockets with turnlocks) and the big decision was whiskey or black. Yesterday, I was at the store and I started looking at the Ali also. Definitely bigger and heavier. Do you have any thoughts on which bag you would rather have? There was a comment made previously about the Ali giving you a shoulder ache since it weighs a lot which gives me a bit of hesitation. Overall, which style would you rather carry?
  2. I have the Ali. Now this is coming from a Balenciaga addict (super light bags). I honestly do not find it that heavy. I actually really enjoy carrying it on my shoulder. It is a nice change from the b-bags.

    Just wanted to add; you are a very sweet sister!
  3. i think it would depend on how much your sister carries and if she is bothered by heavy bags since ultimately its for her. your too sweet though!
  4. Your a very sweet sister! It really depends what you think she will be using the bag for. I like both styles, but i never got to try on the Ali.
  5. I have the shoulder bag, and I think it's a really great size. I always think I like the Ali when I see photos of it, but I was in the store yesterday, and it just looked enormous (and I like big bags). It's a beautiful bag, but it doesn't seem very youthful (I'm 24). How old is your sister? How much does she carry with her?
  6. maybe it depends on if she's really petite or something?
    just figure out if she'll like a heavier bag or needs somethign lighter.
  7. Hello:

    I think that my sister will like either bag. She has both larger and smaller bags. Which bag do you guys prefer (lookswise)?
  8. Lookswise, I prefer the Ali, but in real life it is simply too large a bag for me. I also prefer a longer strap than what is on the shoulder bag. So I went in between and bought the Legacy Hippie bag, which is now displayed in stores. It is a nice size (I'd guess it holds as much as the shoulder bag, though since I don't have the shoulder bag I am not sure) and it has a longer but adjustable strap.

    Is your sister used to carrying a bag with a longer strap, or something closer under her arm? The Ali and especially the Hippie hang a lot lower than the shoulder bag.

    You are a wonderful sister to consider these bags as a gift!
  9. My first love of the season was the Ali, but it is so huge. I got the shoulder bag and love it, I thought I would hate the short strap, but it is actually longer than it seems. I also like that the Legacy leather conforms to your body when there isn't a lot in there. That is especially nice since I don't carry a lot, but don't want my bag to look like a deflated balloon. Your sister is one lucky girl! Another one that is fabulous is the Legacy top zip bag, it is essentially the same size as the shoulder bag, but doesn't have so much going on if she is a simpler girl. That was a close second to the shoulder bag for me.