Coach Legacy Ali in Natural

  1. Hello everyone! I am hoping that your expertise can help me with a serious handbag crisis.

    My sister desperately wants the Coach Legacy Ali shoulderbag in Natural. She hasn't *really* asked for anything for the holidays for years, but for some reason she's latched on to this very specific bag as THE thing she really wants.

    Now, as far as crises go, there are way worse problems to have, but I love her and would be ecstatic if I can get this for her. Unfortunately, Coach is all sold out, and I've spent hours scanning eBay hoping one will turn up. There are plenty of them in Whiskey, but nothing in Natural.

    If you have a suggestion, please clue me in! I'm on a mission...

  2. I would keep watching eBay... they pop up all the time.. make sure you do searches by the name as well as the style # :tup: Good Luck!!!
  3. If you can't find it in time for Christmas you could always give her a card and note that you are going to keep looking for it and buy it for her when you do...even if it's a late Christmas gift...
  4. They are turning up at the outlets this weekend! $215!! My store only had white and whiskey when I got there - but all the colors were there tow days ago - I would start scanning some of the outlets!
  5. I would definately try the outlets quickly. But, my guess is that after the outlet rush this weekend, you will see some Ali's show up on eBay, too!
  6. lol yeah now there are some GREAT deals at the outlets :nuts:
  7. oh yeah, i am guessing you will see plenty on EBAY now....
  8. Hi, New here. boston Gator, do you live in Boston ? If you do, I was in Tilton NH outlet the Tanger outlets in Tilton and they had a natural Ali in perfect condition for $215. I live just outside boston and it was a ride of a little over 1 hour up 93 but totally worth the trip. If you call them tonight, they can hold for you for tomorrow or put a charge hold on one. Is there a place I should introduce myself, this is my first post ! Also don't have a profile yet but found this site doing a search on some Marc Jacobs bags and I love Coach !
  9. Welcome in!
  10. Thank you ! I love talking about handbags and Coach products and happy that I now have somewhere to talk about my obsession, as DH is getting tired (but patient) about my Coach ramblings ! I was all excited, I went into a Coach store that I had never been to today (used my PCE to buy a Legacy Ponytail Scarve to go with my Black leather Ali which technically I can't have until Christmas Eve) and a male SA said that my bag (a black signature duffle) with my cascading charms and hangtags looked like something they would do as a display. He was adorable ! Thank you for welcoming me I have been a Coach fan for a long time now and this seems like a fun place !