Coach @ Leesburg Outlet

  1. I went to Leesburg Outlet yesterday - new Coach location is amazing - 5 times bigger! I was so overwhelmed! My mission was gift shopping for b-days and graduation. First pic is everything. Second pic is what I picked up for me :smile:

    Chelsea Leather Capacity Wrislet (for me)
    2 Bleeker Leather Wristlets
    Signature Stripe Mini Skinny
    Passport Case (for me)
    Bleeker Leather Small Zip Hobo (best deal - 40% off clearance price: $65)
    Lanyard Case
    Trigger Snap Key Fob - silver (for me)
    Amanda Valet (for me)

    They had several walls of 20% off clearance and 40% off clearance. They had 4 Med Signature Brown Carly's - about $240. Swingpacks were all $99. Most Wristlets $44. 3 brown leather Ergos and 1 patent brown ergo - sorry didn't check prices. Hampton Weekend totes (solid colors) and outlet hobos, Scribble bags, Leather outlet totes. So much more, I just don't know their names.
    outletmay08.jpg outletmay08keep.jpg
  2. i know i love it. Congrats on all your goodies!
    I went last weekend & going again this Saturday w/ my mom.
    Do you know if they are having mother's day sales?
  3. Congrats!
  4. Sorry Pursefanatic85, not sure if they will be having a Mother's Day sale.
  5. Cute, I :heart: the capacity wristlet!!
  6. I stopped in the other day and they also had a bunch of '07 Legacy Shoulder Flaps, a couple of Legacy Thompson hobos, and some black Hampton's totes.
  7. Is it true they can't hold anything for you at the outlet? I called last night & spoke to a gentleman & he said their policy is they can't hold bags or call you to let you know when your bag you requested has arrived. I thought that was a bit odd!
  8. They can't hold them but you can do a charge hold. They charge your card and then hold it until you can come and pick it up. I got my apple coin purse this way last summer or the summer before this way.

    And I agree burgandy the new location is soooo much better and bigger!! I went last weekend but nothing really caught my attention :sad:
  9. DARN - I would have loved to have a '07 Legacy shoulder flap!

    I noticed several bags on the counter behind the register, I assumed they were on hold, but perhaps they were charge holds as digby described.
  10. That's so NOT true!!!!! You can do a 48 hour hold on anything without charging the item. :yes:

    If you charge the item you have to pick it up with in 2 weeks! So I have no idea why he would say that unless only that Coach outlet has that policy, which would be strange. I have had things on hold many times and for over 48 hours without charging, because the SAs at the outlets know me very well.
  11. I have been wanting to go to the outlet in leesburg, but cant find anytime,
    but now i see ur great buys i might go there this weekend :smile:
    thanks for the share, if u mind me asking how much was the minny skinny?
  12. Mini Skinny was 20% off factory - $31.00.
    I got a better deal at Macy's F&F last week - $24.00
  13. That's alot of black! Anyways, congrats on your awesome haul! Sad you have to give some of it away
  14. I've been there only once since they moved into their bigger space.

    I also got the following you mentioned from the Leesburg store:

    1 Bleeker Leather Wristlet in Black (can't find any Bottle Green)
    Passport Case (I got it a while ago when I was going out of the country)
    Lanyard Case (got it back in 2006 when I was needing smart trip card use)
  15. Has anyone been to this particular outlet recently to know if they have anything good? I don't have work on Sunday and am thinking about taking a trip out there....:graucho: